10 Fast Facts You Need to Know About Elden Ring

Zhiqing W. writes:

Elden Ring was revealed as the new dark fantasy RPG from FromSoftware and George R.R. Martin. Here are 10 fast facts you need to know.

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garos822d ago

The most exciting game announcement of this years E3

I cant wait to see some gameplay

Nacho_Z2d ago

Think I read somewhere that it has horse riding which suggests that the world will be sizeable. I suppose it could take the GoW route with a series of different sized open areas but it's not the impression I get.

Imagine how brutal it'll be when you're exploring and wander into an area that you're way under levelled for, it'll be a massacre. You'll be needing that hoss.

Immorals2d ago

I was really excited for this game, but souls type games are not my cup of tea.