Your NXE Questions Answered

Ashley K. reports: "Lots of my friends and fellow gamers have questions about the New Xbox Experience which is scheduled to be released on November 19th. The NXE has received a lot of love and a lot of hate from both sides of the gaming spectrum, such as casual gamers embracing the avatar features to hard core fanboys screaming at Microsoft to stop copying the Wii. No matter what your feelings are on the update, it's here and it's staying, for better or for worse. So, in an effort to help gamers get accustomed to this new dashboard, Xboxist has previewed the NXE and we've attempted to answer most of the questions gamers will have about this new experience."

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xBot Lemmings4046d ago

Can i still fry eggs ?


clinker4046d ago

The ability to instal games on hard drive will have a noticeable effect on gaming, by making it quieter. My xbox 360 currently sounds like a jet aircraft when running normally.