The winners and losers of E3 2019

VGC looks at what got people talking this week, from the big reveals to the no-shows, including Watch Dogs Legion and Sony.

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THC CELL3d ago

How can sony lose something they did not attend
In my opinion Ms lost

Oywee3d ago

In a real adult world you cannot win ANYTHING without participating, just as simple as that.
MS did good with promising a new console + many new games. Otherwise I`m excited to see later what Sony`s been up to. :)
Oh, I`m just a game-lover, not a console-worshipper. .)

PowerOfTheCloud2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

You also can't lose when you aren't participating at a competition, so.......

If so, i lost the superbowl, the world cup in soccer, miss universe, tour de france and every other competition on this planet many, many times.

Eonjay2d ago

Microsoft doesn't attend CES anymore because they do their own thing. No ones gonna call them a loser for not being there. That would be ludicrous.

OB1Biker2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

War games super computer voice :'What a strange game....where the only way to not to play..'

Juusterey2d ago

He didn't ask about why they didn't win
he said how could they "lose"

derek2d ago

If your not trying to win or be part of the competition by your own choice then you cant lose. You make it sound like Sony was too afraid to put on a confrence for fear of trying and losing.

Oywee2d ago

..You know E3 is about showing off your products and doing marketing at the same time to a wide audience. By not being present in the house at all, it certainly wont do your business any better. Just saying!

darthv722d ago

@power, your examples would only apply if you were any of those. but you aren't so its just words being spewed to try and make a point.

sony is a gaming company and as such are part of the fray when it comes to other gaming companies. if they choose not to participate then they lose by default. If you were a football player and your team did not make the superbowl then guess what.... they obviously lost their shot.

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NarutoFox2d ago

Actually Nintendo and Square Enix won

gamer78042d ago (Edited 2d ago )

So if you are a on a soccer team, and you don't show up to the tournament, you will lose right away both in score and with fans. So I can understand their reasoning. It's a solid argument , but you could argue if they had nothing worth showing off, then they financially won.

Potnoodle9992d ago

Absolutely agreed. MS conference was terrible and so boring with no gameplay demos. Such a waste of time. Sony won over MS without even showing up and THAT is what should’ve been in this article. Nobody credible actually believes MS Conference was above a C- at best.

shaggy23032d ago


You could also ask "how can sony win something they did not attend"

As far as a lot of articles and people on here think Sony won hands down.

darthv722d ago

@cell, that is your opinion, and you are entitled to it. I can respect that. My opinion is Sony not showing up means they automatically lost.

As far as winners it goes Nintendo, Square and MS. the rest all get participation trophies.

Xavi4K2d ago

Well many claims they yeah there is that

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Chexs19903d ago

Winner: Square
They had a consistently good show, with good reveals, a strong start and a strong ending.

MS had Halo which looked awesome. Most of their show wasn't really something you can give them credit for, as a lot of it was just multi-plats from third parties. Nothing wrong with that, but they didn't really bring anything themselves.

Ubisoft had a decent show, but didn't really have any impact outside of Legions.

anonymousfan2d ago

I guess it shouldn't count because they didn't actually attend but I thought the Nintendo Direct was great.

gamer78042d ago

it wasn't a knock out show, but many fans were floored and super happy about the PSO2 release on xbox. They should have made Minecraft dungeons exclusive, but financially Minecraft is huge on all platforms and makes sense to release it everywhere. I would just expect that you'd want to play it on xbox where the servers would be up the longest for online multiplayer.

derek2d ago

Nope, the general response to Microsoft press confrences has been a shoulder shrug. While some of their biggest fans have expressed disappointment as Microsoft again has failed to live up to the hype.

badboyz093d ago

Winners:Sony,Borderlands 3 & CyberPunk
Losers: Everyone Else

Kiwi662d ago

So Sony won something for not being there ?

rainslacker2d ago

Well...they apparently haven't lost anything, because people are still fighting the "who won" war like they always do. They just aren't being interesting about it, because they don't really have any games to compare or specifics to say why Sony won.

anonymousfan2d ago

Oh please Sony might have made the right call by skipping E3 but nobody wins anything by dropping out of the competition.

shaggy23032d ago


I must have missed Sony's E3 2019 conference, can you provide a link on YouTube so I can watch it, I mean it must have been stellar because people are saying "Sony won E3"

King_Noctis2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

So they won by not even being there. Just wait until next year and this site is gonna be a shit storm when Sony is actually gonna be there. E3 will be risen from the dead, unlike this year when it is “dying”.

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agent132d ago (Edited 2d ago )

the biggest loser was gaming industry itself and gamers because all games are gradually becoming online only services and most of them don't have any story or proper character design and most of them only focus on making gamers addicted to a repetitive but addictive online multiplayer experience instead of an engaging story. video game medium is becoming a billion dollar industry instead of an art form. the interesting and weird part of this change is that gamers encourage and cheer for sp games like cyberpunk more but actually online games like fortnite earn much more profit and that's what making the industry move toward this kind of games... and that's what younger generation of gamers are causing, I miss ps2 days

shaggy23032d ago


You miss games that cant be patched?

You miss not getting free content for games like Spiderman?

You miss having to buy a magazine to get a demo of a game?

You miss not having free to play games (surprisingly there are some very good F2P games)

The PS2 was a great console, I loved it, but I get the feeling that very few of us would actually want to trade there "state of the art" console for a console back then.

Profchaos2d ago

Yes I miss those days I miss being able to buy a product and not have content removed at a later date because a song has had its license expire.
GTA SA on PS2 still has all it's music
GTA SA on steam large amount of tracks are missing and tons of graphcal and gameplay issues from.pathes that the community was left to fix

I miss more thorough testing because issues couldn't just be patched later how many PS2 games and below worked flawlessly on launch

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