Edge: Can Nintendo Up "Gamer" Appeal?

You might have noticed that Nintendo held a conference at the beginning of October. It was filled with announcements and for once felt like a real show, which was enough to get most a little excited.

There's no pleasing some people, of course, and there was some moaning about the details of the DSi, in particular the extremely low resolution of one of its cameras. But, overall, feedback is favourable, and there is curiosity over how Nintendo is preparing to power through this new version of its portable and make it a 'must have' for people who currently own a DS Lite.

Now, as for the Wii, attention in Japan at the moment is directed towards Dobutsu No Mori (Animal Crossing) and Monster Hunter 3.

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Xander-RKoS3660d ago

I think with the exception of the Wii titled games, Nintendo has always kept it's current appeal for gamers (even if they don't know/admit it)The problem was that 3rd party developers didn't take it seriously, and now they are (i.e. Sega, High Voltage). I fairly certain that 2009, we'll start seeing the Wii being a bigger contender as it competes in the casual and the hardcore market.

ChickeyCantor3659d ago


I have said this before too, the waggle tsunami was due the fact that no one took it serious...they were wrong about the system not selling and actually made use of it...more mini-game crap.
But "core" games really take up time and that's why they are coming out so late.

expect some disagrees xD