Nintendo Decimated the Competition at E3

Nintendo Decimated the Competition at E3 - Nintendo's E3 2019 showcase ended with a slam dunk for the conference and destroyed the competition.

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rdgneoz33d ago (Edited 3d ago )

SE definitely had the games and trailers going on. MS had the ability to win, but failed beyond Keanu and Cyberpunk (3rd party multiplat). Nintendo did good especially with the BotW sequel (though due probably 2 or 3 years from now), but not the best. Bethesda was sad and the staged cheering was sad. Ubi was ok. But overall, SE did better than the rest.

bouzebbal3d ago

Definitely, SE was best..
Out of manufacturers Nintendo did best but xbox almost had a no show with that poor conference.. Nintendo had no surprises other than Astral for me.
Switch owners must for sure be glad for what to come, but for me nothing there to justify the investment yet.. First e3 in a long time without Mario too

darthv723d ago (Edited 3d ago )

nintendo had me with the panzer dragoon remake but then konami came along later that evening with the pce/tg16 mini. That was my biggest surprise out of nowhere.

MS had a good show but I'd rank them 3rd in show with square 2nd and Nintendo best in show.

mikeslemonade3d ago

You’re dumb if you think any other than MS won.

Zeldafan643d ago

BotW 2 will be a holiday title next year.

Dragonscale2d ago

@mikes, calling people dumb is such a great argument lol.

mikeslemonade2d ago

Lol you guys are just too focused on the same formula which is exclusives. And Microsoft has those as windows exclusives. They have since bought 15 studios since 2018. Plus they are more heavily invested in the way games will be played in the next gen which is game pass and Xcloud.

Your few exclusives per year will not work since gaming is changing for the worst mostly.

Juusterey2d ago

Gotta give props to ubisoft for having the guts to go up 2 years in a row and announce the same things

AWBrawler2d ago

Bouzebbal. Um no. Mario was there 3 times.
In Luigi’s Mansion, Mario & Sonic Olympics, and Mario Maker 2 Lol 😆

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NarutoFox3d ago

Nintendo and Square Enix won E3

rainslacker3d ago

Yep, based on the number of articles, it's obvious that Nintendo reduced the hype generated by the competition to 1/10th of it's original state. Even though every other publisher, except maybe EA, is getting more press overall. Even Sony is getting more attention, and they weren't even there.

More contextually speaking, I liked what Nintendo showed, but they didn't kill anything really. I think Square had the most exciting conference. MS conference was good overall. Nintendo Direct was solid and good for Switch fans/owners. Ubi had some decent highlights.

I think Square had the best conference, and while I think Square stole some thunder with FF7 and a really good conference, I think overall, it was not so much that it really killed everything else. i feel much the same way about Nintendo's Direct.

SSj2Crono2d ago

Is that a joke? SE hasn't had anything worthwhile since PS2.

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KickSpinFilter3d ago

Bethesda and Ubisoft were much better

Sono4212d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Look, on the topic of specific games announced, it's literally just NMH3, and BotW 2. The rest were old games and DLC. Now don't get me wrong Banjo in Smash is HYPE, absolutely best choice for DLC.

But it's about the game announcements, not DLC, and when your biggest sequel started showing (BotW2) and everyone was thinking it was DLC, there's a problem. Now I could be wrong, and maybe they fix all of the major problems the first one had, but I doubt it. There were way too many problems for them to actually address, for example...

I want an ACTUAL STORY, not just cut-scenes given to you in random order only giving CONTEXT as to whats already happened in the world you're already playing in, which is entirely different than actually playing through and experiencing/progressing a story, I want the world to NOT BE EMPTY and not just filled with the same copy paste mini "puzzles" thrown throughout the world. I want the chest sitting behind a group of enemies to give me something worth while and not just an item I could find laying around in the wild, like opal. I want ACTUAL DUNGEONS with ACTUAL CHALLENGE, I want UNIQUE BOSSES not the same one over and over slightly altered. I want to unlock NEW ITEMS not just abilities that act as handicaps. I want at the very least an ability to repair my weapons, so I don't waste one to three weapons defeating a group of enemies to open a chest that just contains opal. What it really comes down to is I want a REWARD for my efforts, you are never rewarded besides the master sword and the handicap abilities, which I don't really consider rewards, them making an easy game easier is not a reward to me, ffs one of the abilities literally just revived you as soon as you died..... just put some real effort in this time Nintendo, that's all i'm asking.

Parasidious3d ago

Thanks, you made me choke on my coffee lol.

outsider16243d ago

Had they announced a new Splinter Cell, i would have given Ubisoft the win...but nope.

Teflon023d ago

Lmao no they weren't. Nintendo's was great but nothing was a surprise. Banjo in smash plus botw 2 are the highlights. Apart from that, astrwl was looking great, but the rest for the kost part was multiple platform releases or something out of the ones I care for. Mm2 and luigis mansion are 2 games I'm hyped for too. Beth had basically nothing lol. It's just the typical. Square Enix had crazy surprises and the FFVII gameplay is definitely the best of show moment. They did the conference amazing. The way they talked about tifa and then disappointed everyone to catch everyone off guard introducing her gameplay was beyond fantastic. That was a great display of knowing how to deal with a conference. The mana stuff was outta no where and while yhd reaction fit avengers was mixed they showed some stuff and actually gave good details.

KickSpinFilter3d ago

Square was a bore fest for me, until they got to Avengers. Waaay to much FFVII, etc stuff for me. Sure I get it lots love FF etc but it does nothing for me. Nin had hardly any surprises.

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leahcim3d ago

FF VII remake, Avengers and Cyberpunk 2077 are going to Switch

didn´t know that ;)

Thunder_G0d_Bane3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

So your excited about getting half of a game and not knowing when you'll get the next half of it? The remake looks good but i aint giving them a penny until the full package is available.

Avengers showed no gameplay, how can you even consider a non-entity? Based on a CGI trailer? Wow.

Cyberpunk is built on Witcher 3s engine, Witcher 3 has been ported to the Switch so...... a port is certainly possible.

Witcher 3 is my game of the generation so im excited for Cyberpunk on my PC. but they showed nothing at E3 so its not even in the running for me.

Nintendo had gameplay to show for many of their games unlike all the other conferences.

Mr_Writer853d ago

Nintendo also announced a big delay and that the Pokemon game won't allow you to use all your Pokemon.

Which would technically make it an unfinished game as you can't catch em all. At least with other games if you couldn't catch the Pokemon you could transfer them in.

Thunder_G0d_Bane3d ago

@MR Writer

What do you mean the Pokemon game won't allow you to use all your pokemon? What does that even mean? I'll be going into the game fresh so i don't have any pre-existing pokemon to transfer into the game.

Nitrowolf23d ago (Edited 3d ago )


I think he’s referring to the fact that there’s two edition when at this point there really shouldn’t be when they can fit it all in one game

Or maybe something else, idk I don’t keep up with Pokémon

kayoss3d ago

Whats the difference, most games are half @$$ now a days and people still buy it.

Prince-Ali3d ago

loool... So were not allowed to be excited about that but you guys are allowed too hoot and holler and scream the world down in excitement over a DLC character....? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Lord make it make senseee!!!

Teflon023d ago

No he's referring to exactly what it sounds like. This will be the first Pokémon game that doesn't support the whole current index. So you have no international pokedex meaning if they have 200 Pokémon in this, those 200 are all you can use. That's a fair argument if someone's going to complain about FFVII not being the entire story. Like the game is 2 disc and is only the midgar section. Wtf are you complaining about. Clearly they're actually putting serious work into it. Also the avengers game did show gameplay. The problem is it wasn't obvious what parts were gameplay and what weren't. But the complaints are weak because you basically gotta null Nintendo's conference in that case. Botw 2 was just announced. That's it. Mana classics, announced 2 characters for smash with no details so null, alot of games on other platforms too, astral chains was probably the only proper showing where you can't find a reason to complain about at Nintendo's direct. So really... You can be extra critical or not critical at all because it's biased once you start complaining about things like that

rainslacker3d ago

Half a game? But the company which has released two Pokemon's simultaneously for how long now doesn't do the same thing with no complaint?

Mr_Writer852d ago


There are 800+ Pokemon.

Not all of those Pokemon are catchable between the two games.

But even if you DO have those missing Pokemon from previous games, you won't be able to transfer them over..

If there are 800+ Pokemon to catch and register, and you can't catch them all then that's missing content.

If they split the 800 between the two that's different as catching, trading and battling has always been core to Pokemon.

But having Pokemon cut, and unable to import them is different.

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frank_a3d ago

@leahcim - You didn't know that? Yeah, FFVII Remake, Avengers and Cyberpunk 2077 will be on the Switch in 2029. Pretty normal release schedule for 3rd party games on the Switch I'd say.

Tazzy3d ago

People didn't think The Witcher was coming either but it is.

KickSpinFilter3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Cyberpunk stole all of E3. And that's crazy as it's a given already and a multi-plat

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Gemmol3d ago

They had no competition, square come in a good second place tho

CrimsonPheonix3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

BOTW 2 HROMMgg!!, FFVII Remake INCREDIBLE! and Keanu Reeves in Cyberpunk didn't know Cyberpunk could get even more Fantastic! E3 was pretty glorious for me. 2020 will be a great year.

DarXyde3d ago

A great showing is a great showing, regardless of how others do and Nintendo had plenty of great content.

Great time to own a Switch. The best has yet to come.

SyntheticForm3d ago

"Nintendo Decimated the Competition at E3 - Nintendo's E3 2019 showcase ended with a slam dunk for the conference and destroyed the competition."

Lol. Even if Nintendo indeed did well, this is some serious hyperbolic reaching with "decimated" and "destroyed" in the same sentence. Such silliness.

UltraNova3d ago

Fortunately for Sony they avoided decimation by skipping E3...

Prince-Ali3d ago

I didn't even realise that was the actual gameplay for the sequel! i thought it was story DLC looool