No More Heroes 3 has motion controls, but you can play without them if you want

Destructoid: "One of the big, surprise announcements from Nintendo's E3 Showcase was the confirmation Suda51 is working on the oft-requested No More Heroes 3. In a presentation full of must-have titles, it was the standout for me. As luck would have it, I was scheduled to interview the man himself just hours after the world premiere of that trailer and ask about his upcoming game. While a full recap of our interview is coming, I wanted to share this tidbit of info about how No More Heroes 3 will control."

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PhoenixUp1208d ago

That’s great to hear. Some aspects of NMH1 were better without motion controls on NMH2 & NMH:HP

AK911208d ago

No Motion controls for me personally, I’m wondering if they’ll do a Remaster for NMH1 & 2 for Switch?

Double_O_Revan1208d ago

But how will you jack....I mean, Charge your weapon?