Totally360: Fable 2 Review

Overall, Fable 2 is a fantastic game. Lionhead did a great job in bringing the world of Albion to life on the XBox360 and you could spend many, many hours simply exploring the world of Albion. The "bread crumb" trail concept is also thing of brilliance. You can explore the world at any time and go anywhere without the risk of getting lost. Whenever you are ready to continue on with your quest, simply follow the trail to the next destination.

Combat works really well and the world definitely feels alive. It feels like things are happening, even when you are not there. Fable 2 is one title among many this holiday season but be sure to give this one a try. For gamers who enjoy RPG titles, you will get a kick out of how deep this game can be. If you are brand new to the genre, you can also play this game as casually as you would like without getting overwhelmed.

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