Todd Howard Talks Next-Gen Starfield At E3 2019; It's Bethesda's First New IP In 25 Years

From GameSpot: "Appearing on GameSpot's E3 2019 Live Show stage, Bethesda boss Todd Howard spoke at a high level about one of the company's ambitious upcoming games which was announced at E3 2018: the sci-fi title Starfield.

Howard explained that Bethesda's goal with Starfield--which is Bethesda's first new IP in 25 years--is to have it stand apart from the wealth of science fiction stories out there in media."

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seanpitt23125d ago

Bethesda needs a new engine or all their new games will be doomed

gtxgamer2124d ago

When they showed Oracle I honestly thought it was a new engine..then I heard streaming and that's when I knew. I really hate how some of these companies are being run

Smitty2020125d ago

Don’t get me wrong graphics aren’t everything but the last few games I’ve played of there’s have been very buggy n sometimes unplayable hopefully the new games will have a next gen feel big hopes for the new Skyrim

KwietStorm125d ago

Probably be another 25 before they use a new engine.

Ninver124d ago

First new IP in 25years huh. Well that's not very promising. They've become so comfortable shoveling the same shit over and over they'll probably mess it up.

AK91124d ago

And once it comes out after 6 years it will be an outdated broken mess. Meanwhile CD Proket Red will have released their third functioning CyberPunk game by then.

BongSmack124d ago

Strange comparison. Cyberpunk 2077 will have been in development for over 8 years when it's released.