E3 2019: PS5 Will Cost $800, Jokes Analyst Michael Pachter in Wild Prediction

Michael Pachter probably doesn’t believe that the PlayStation 5 will retail for $800 at launch, but he does think it will be very expensive. Asked to make a wild prediction as part of an E3 2019 interview with Geoff Keighley, the outspoken Wedbush Securities man suggested that he hopes the Japanese giant doesn’t make the same mistakes that it made with the PlayStation 3.

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zodiac909422d ago

How the hell does this guy still have a job?

blacktiger422d ago

he doesn;t he runs his own company.

422d ago
--bienio--422d ago

What you do if this guys actually have rights?? 800$ it’s expensive whatever people says.

kneon422d ago

It's not expensive when adjusted for inflation.

But launching an expensive console is an option, they just need to make sure all games work across PS4 and PS5 so that there is no forced upgrade, you can upgrade on your own time table. And there have been hints that this is the case in some of the things they've been saying lately.

rainslacker421d ago


No...that's expensive regardless of inflation. I make 6 figures a year, and I"ll still contemplate any purchase over $500 and decide if it's worth it. If its over $300, I consider it some, but will buy more on impulse. If it's less than $200, I don't really think about it much.

Money is money, and $800 can pay for a lot of necessities, and for many people who like games, it's enough to make them really analyze the worth. $800 is what I'd say most people consider a major purchase, especially if they have kids, a mortgage, and the typical bills that people may have, even if they aren't in oppressive debt.

Inflation is only one factor in pricing, and people's payrates haven't raised at the same rate as inflation. Inflation is also a huge macro-economics metric of what something is worth compared to general market trends, not a relationship between what people make, and what things cost to buy.

Inflation is a general increase in prices which reduces the purchasing value of one's money. People do make more money which is an adjustment for the cost of living, but it doesn't mean that that they suddenly have more money now, or they view that $400 now, is somehow less money than it was 5 years ago.

CrimsonWing69422d ago (Edited 422d ago )

So now he’s disguising his predictions as jokes? I don’t know if I should commend this guy for that or not. I mean the ol’ Pach Attack was good for a laugh but now that he’s turning it into a joke I’m not sure I should laugh or not.

alb1899422d ago

It doesn't seem ridiculous to think it will cost 599. I mean, it is a powerful machine.

OldGuyStillGaming422d ago

Yeah I don’t see it staying in the $300-$400 range for either console.
If that’s the case then I’ll be buying only one of the two, which sucks.

JackBNimble422d ago

Well as a Canadian I know I can expect it to be over $700 after taxes for us up here.

ReelBigMike422d ago

He was literally asked to make a wild prediction. Seems like he just gave a fitting answer to the question. I love watching Pachter Factor on Siftd Games' Youtube Channel. He may not make the best predictions, but he knows a ton about the industry.

Einhander1971422d ago

Most of the time the hardware doesn’t make the money it’s the software. It’s not till manufacturing costs drop down that they start making money on the hardware so I hope to think Sony doesn’t price it to high.

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The story is too old to be commented.