11 Things To Know About Trials of Mana

GameInformer: “The remake for an unlocalized JRPG gem got announced today and we got to talk to the developers behind it.”

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Sirk7x3d ago

Never thought I'd see the day. Freaked out a little bit when I saw Duran. Next dream, Terranigma remake xD
Maybe in another lifetime.

PhoenixUp3d ago

“Unlike the SNES original, there is no co-op in this version. The developers say they want to focus on the single player part of the game, so you won't be going through this one with your friends”

Wow that caught me off guard. Multiplayer was a big part of the series. Although I’d take that tradeoff for a fuller single player focused experience

EnsignHiro3d ago

I definitely jumped when i saw secret of mana 3 being remade AND released in America! Very very good news :).