Each Game In The FFVII Remake Will Have The Same Amount Of Content As A Mainline Game

During a behind-closed-doors appointment with Square Enix for the Final Fantasy VII remake, producer and original Final Fantasy VII director Yoshinori Kitase gave a presentation about various aspects of the new game. As if to head off the inevitable questions about the remake's content split at the pass, Kitase remarked that the first game focuses just on the dystopian metropolis of Midgar and that, while limited to that city, it has as much content as any mainline Final Fantasy title.

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zodiac9093d ago

This is basically saying that each episode will cost the same as a full price game. *facepalm*

TeamIcoFan3d ago

If you aren't even gonna bother giving this a chance, even after that amazing gameplay demo, why are you even bothering commenting on FF7 remake articles?

Are you one of those people who just like to bitch about everything and hope someone will give you attention over it?

Spurg3d ago

Wasn't Ff13 combat criticised. This is largely similar.
They are overdoing with the remake, I'll have preferred they worked on the next mainline final fantasy

goldwyncq3d ago

A 40-50 hour game demands a full price.

TeamIcoFan3d ago

Shhhh, don't try to use logic with entitled people~.

MasterCornholio3d ago

Correct. If the episodes were short then I would really complain. But each one will be like an entire game so I don't see the issue.

Now this is assuming that they deliver.

Zabatsu23d ago

How the landscape has changed. Please, 40-50 hours, in midgar? In what lifestream are you living?

goldwyncq3d ago

@ Zabatsu2

This game expands the events in Midgar to a full-sized game. It's likely that the entire city would be explorable this time, considering the contents of the game are enough to fill 2 blu-ray disks according to them.

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Suzyp3d ago

uhh, why are you still even calling them episodes. If it's a full game, it warrants $60 tag. It has nothing to do with whether the game is episodic or not.

Lionsguard3d ago

They're not calling it episodes. They probably did once but it's the wrong term to use and now everyone is calling them episodes like its some TellTale game.

Antnee5343d ago

That is because each game is going to have a full 60 dollars worth of content in the game so no shit it will be 60 for each result. If you dont want to pay the price of entry then dont

Kados3d ago

The first part is on 2 Blu-rays, presumably dual-layers. Do you really expect them to cost less than full price? Be realistic. This is not even close to a 1:1 remake. The amount of new content being added is astronomical.

Juusterey2d ago

why wouldn't they?
You want content of a full game without paying for a full game?

TheTony3162d ago

I don't see a problem with that if the game is great (judging by the demo it is) and has a lot of content.

Flewid6382d ago (Edited 2d ago )

If they're good, what does it matter? You don't like spending full price on games that are good?

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2pacalypsenow3d ago

So they’re taking the Starcraft 2 route.

Lionsguard3d ago

This actually warrants it though. People seem to fail to realize the absolute scale and magnitude of FF7 just because they managed to squeeze it into 3 CDs. I'd rather have them release it this way. With this method, they can further tweak things in fix things in the next part. The graphics will also only get better.

CrystalFantasy33d ago

Bro the midgar section of the game is like 6 hours in the original wtf its ganna take like 6 parts to finish the whole game?

JokerBoy4223d ago

They want to get crazy detailed and get super into each character's lore. I think they've lost their minds. If its anymore than 3 episodes and doesnt finish by 2025, then people wont care anymore. As is, I dont know if I have time for 60 hours in Midgar... the whole game, maybe, but not 60+ hours for God only knows how many episodes. People will lose interest with this long of a development time for each game as well.

jeromeface3d ago

Sad part is, they don't even know how many episodes it's going to take. That should be step 1 of planning.

Lionsguard3d ago

I doubt it'll take 60 hours. Maybe 60 for a completionist run but the main story could be about 20-30 and that's fine with me. Once they show the open world and it's truly as massive as it should be, people will embrace it. And what's wrong with going into more detail with the other characters? Just by watching the trailers, I already care more about the terteriary characters like Biggs, Wedge and Jessie. I hope the Turks play a bigger role this time as well instead of just being this random group that keeps bothering you because that's really how they felt in the original game once you leave Midgar.

Lord_Sloth3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

They may be expanding the Avalanche operation in Midgar too so that when Sector 7 falls on half of the team it has a greater impact on the player since we would have spent half a game with Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie as opposed to like... 3 hours.

I suspect it'll be more like 13-18 hours counting mini games and side quests.

TheTony3162d ago

Sure, but this one isn't a 1:1 remake. It's more of a reimagening wth lots of new story and side content. I guess the main story will take about 20-30 hours + another 10-20 for the side stuff.

JokerBoy4223d ago

Get ready for the final episode 7 in 2103!!!

spambot08153d ago

never expected it to be less than 60$ per episode, question is 3 or 4 episodes? if part one ends with escaping midgar, i'm more likely to belive they split up the rest into 3 than 2 parts because the first part of a 3 episode game would have ended with jenova birth i think.

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