Saint's Row 2 Sells 2+ Million Copies in Two Weeks

THQ announced less than stellar earnings today but one bright spot was the 2+ million units of Saint's Row 2 that flew off of the shelves.

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heyheyhey4047d ago

people bitter about GTA4 eh?? not surprising, i agree with the people buying SR2 attempt to re-capture the old-school GTA appeal... but the lack of polish on the game puts me off

i greatly appreciated the production values and the presentation in GTA4... and while the playability was disappointing no doubt... i severely doubt SR2's "fun factor" will serve as much more than a small distraction without the weight of polish supporting it and keeping it compelling

chaosatom4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

When I went back to play gtaiv, the graphics are nice in HD, and it's cool to play a third person game. The car chases and dying is fun in different places. The problem were the lack of guns, a cohesive gripping storyline and fun missions.

Saint row plays good, but I want it to have next-gen graphics.

Maybe mixing both companies will do some good and make a great game.

Kratos Spartan4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

and people are talking about GTA IV.

Gamer: Man, Saints Row 2 just sold 2 million in 2 weeks
Another Gamer: Yea, GTA IV had some good graphics
Gamer: Wha...?!

Bubbles for both of you, for giving me a's just funny

ASSASSYN 36o4047d ago

I thouroughly enjoyed saints 2.

unitalfredo4047d ago

so they sold 1million each week

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