Marvel's Avengers Seems Incredibly Bland, and That Bums Me Out

DS: “After seeing Marvel's Avengers in action at E3, I'm so much less excited to actually get my own hands on the Earth's Mightiest Heroes.”

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Nosferatu_dude3d ago

How can you judge by a cgi trailer?

himdeel3d ago

Read. Your comment is ignorant because you didn't even read the article.
They saw a hands off demo and actual gameplay, behind closed doors.

Nosferatu_dude3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Whatever dude, yet you judge something by one opinion without seeing it or trying it yourself, and im the ignorant one, everything that is written in the internet is the "truth" ofcourse 😁, it can be good same way it can be bad... deal with it, people like you are a problem, judging everything without trying it yourself and developing your own opinion, i dont think its rather bad or good, because i didnt see it, so ill wait... but if its enough for you to just read someones opinion on something, go ahead you are the "smart one" feeling better?

stupidusername2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

You did a error. Just own up to it instead of going on a insecure tirade attacking a fictitious strawman.

Born2Game833d ago

It was a in-engine trailer. Also its called initial impressions. For me this was the most disappointing game shown at E3.

TheFirstClassic3d ago

Himdeel didn't even say anything about whether the game is good or not, your whole comment was one big weird strawman

Orionsangel3d ago

The faces and hair of the characters looks terrible and the voice acting is bad and cheesy. Yes, the graphics look bland and generic. This doesn't look like a big budget high quality triple A title. It seems like they're taking advantage of Marvel fans for a quick cash grab.

OzzY-waZZy3d ago

Yeah you look pretty dumb. Himdeel didn't judge or make an opinion lol.

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PhoenixUp3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

I hate how MCU influenced this game is trying to be. Of all the Avengers to initially show, one of them had to be Black Widow? That just screams MCU pandering

Grown Folks Talk3d ago

Pandering to what? Women? Wasp was a founding member & leader.

PhoenixUp3d ago

I just told you it’s MCU pandering, can’t you read? Dafuq are you bringing gender politics into this?

There are far more interesting other Marvel characters they could’ve included for the initial unveiling. The fact Black Widow is one of them is blatantly obvious they’re trying to appeal to the movie crowd.

PhoenixUp3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

@ juk

There’s plenty of other Avengers in the comics as well. Amongst the hundreds of members it’s obvious why Black Widow was chosen as one of the first shown

jukins3d ago

I mean yea it's not like she was an avenger in the comics or anything

AK913d ago

Hmm I dunno I liked what I saw but yeah I never got to play it like you did though I’ll reserve judgment till I play it myself.

Einhander19713d ago

Obviously the real game is bland that’s why we had a CG trailer.

trooper_3d ago

A little pessimistic, don't you think?

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