Game Vortex: The Naked Brothers Band: The Video Game Review

Game Vortex writes: "Well, when I requested The Naked Brothers Band: The Video Game, I must say I was a bit surprised when I got the video game in the mail. Why would a tween-aged group name themselves the Naked Brothers? Wouldn't their marketing directors guess that us older folks might think the game was something a tad different than it actually was? As it turns out, The Naked Brothers Band: The Video Game is like Guitar Hero for eight year olds. It features songs strictly from the brothers (and a few friends) themselves - which, unless you are a major fan - will make you want to tear your ears off and throw them from a moving vehicle. I made my sister and her fiance play the game with me, and ten minutes later, I was picking my - now twitching - sister off the floor and begging my soon-to-be brother-in-law not to jump off our top story apartment."

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