E3 2019: Xbox has Never Been This Compelling

E3 2019 was a continued resurgence as Xbox heads towards the next frontier of cloud gaming and Project Scarlett.

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AK913d ago

The thing that surprises me is what there were supposed to be two models of Scarlett announced a low powered discless one that I believe was hinted to be a streaming console and a high powered one that was a more traditional console. Guess MS are ditching the streaming one and going all in with the high powered model for Scarlett.

mikeslemonade3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

They’re all streaming ones. Microsoft has their foot in all areas of gaming.

Microsoft’s E3 set the tone for the generation. They set their tone and dictating how everyone else is gonna focus on. Remember back in the day Microsoft said “this generation doesn’t start until we said it does” well this time it’s actually true.

KyRo3d ago

Imagine genuinely believing that. Even die hard xbox fans have felt disappointed in MS this generation. Hopefully they can get back on track for Scarlett but showing more Halo, more Gears and more Forza ain't going to be enough so hopefully their new studios pull something out the bag

Dark_Knightmare23d ago

Lol come back to reality bro they aren’t setting the tone for anything. The general consensus across the web is their show was disappointing and they dropped the ball with nothing but a me too after Sony

mike32UK3d ago

Sony were the ones who's said that...

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shaggy23033d ago

I get the feeling that when the Scarlet gets released there wont be "scarlett" games and "xbox one" games as both will run on each console.

With this possibility I also think that the rumoured weaker console (that was rumoured to be on par with Xbox One X) has been cancelled in favour of just making the X cheaper .

Sophisticated_Chap3d ago

Xbox One X will be their entry level model for next gen, since it is already a 4K console afterall. They will probably ditch the Xbox One S soon after launch of the Xbox Two.

chris2353d ago

i don‘t support consoles with disc drives anymore. and i guess i‘m not the only one. physical copies are a thing of the past.

Foxhound9221d 9h ago

Wow, what an illogical way of thinking.

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EverydayJoe3d ago

The last time I found Xbox compelling was the 360

UltraNova3d ago

It was up until they dropped support 2 years before next gen. Hell, I went through two of them RRoD bastards...

crazyCoconuts3d ago

OG Xbox with Xbox Live was the best time for Xbox. They were truly outflanking the competition back then. 360 days were good too, especially for Live.

rainslacker3d ago

Agreed. And I never even had a 360. Halo was still pretty fresh. Gears was revolutionary. COD looked great on the system. Games like Mass Effect and Bioshock were groundbreaking. Early on, they actually had more JRPG's of note than Sony, which took several years to really start rolling out. Fable was awesome, and Forza was a real contender against GT as the generation progressed.

The hardware was good(technically, disregarding RROD). It was priced right, especially relative to PS3. MS was on point with their messaging and marketing, and did really good at gaining support.

Now, Xbox just seems more like it's trying to hang on by nostalgia about how it was once good, by putting so much emphasis on it's staples. Even though I preferred PS last gen, I can give MS credit where it's due for what they did right last gen.

Thy faltered in the last couple years, but to say that the current Xbox brand is more compelling than the early to mid 360 gen is wrong on every level to me.

SyntheticForm3d ago

Disappointing as that show was (aside from a few exceptions including the one I'm about to mention) I did get the feels from that Halo Infinite segment. Thought it looked great on my TV in 4K on YouTube; the textures were nice and the character models were nice as well. If we can get that at 60 fps, I'll be quite pleased.

ninsigma3d ago

Nah I think og Xbox and early 360 days were more enticing.

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