'Final Fantasy VII Remake' feels ambitious and different | Endgadget

Endgadget: "We played 15 minutes of 'Final Fantasy VII Remake. Here's what we thought."

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SyntheticForm3d ago

It 'should' feel "ambitious and different" at the very least; if it isn't, what's the point?

Lionsguard3d ago

Exactly, we (or most) of us know all the huge plot points anyway. It would be a huge wasted opportunity if they just had done a pure 1:1 remake with absolutely nothing new but graphics and animation. Perhaps if this had been a PS2 remake, I'd understand but the PS4 and PS5 deserve so much more and I'm glad Square decided to stretch its wings instead of caving to a false sense of misguided nostalgia.

Uglyday3d ago

“No one really wants to be digging into menus as they fight enemies”

Rather be digging through skills and items than mindlessly pressing the same buttons repeatedly. Guess that’s why CRPGs have become the new norm for role playing instead of JRPG for me.

While I am excited for this game by no means do I want any part of spamming square over and over to use my skills. Holding the button like with Noctis sounds fine to me till I hit VATS and smite the Shinra foes around me. Maybe wait till I FF13 break bar them before using those FF7 skills in VATS though. Different and ambitious!!!

sinspirit3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

I don't know how we're going to progress from one game to the next and what materia and items we will miss out on. Part of the amazing thing with the original was finally leaving Midgar and exploring the world with great pacing and unlocking things or simply just seeing what's what, and leveling up materia to become stronger was so great.

Action games can only go so far. Turn based seems simpler, but that's what allows it to go so much more in depth and to notice progression.

Lionsguard3d ago

Dude, you do realize that digging through menus and selecting stuff is just pretty much the exact same thing as mashing a button? It's just mashing with extra steps. You're not all of a sudden "more tactical" because you have to dig through 2-3 menus when a shortcut to do the exact same thing can be achieved faster. Everything about the remake is looks way more epic and cinematic. I'll never understand those who just want some boring static turn-based game. What a waste of a remake that would be.

Snookies123d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Shhh, don't ruin his rant. He was invested in that. It's not nice to come at someone with actual logic.

I've played the original all the way through more times than I can count. I even took the time to mod my PC version of FFVII, replacing each and every song throughout the game with updated remixes, and versions. This remake is looking incredible. They're doing everything right. Including the combat system. I guarantee this is what the original would have done, if they'd had the technology back in the day.

rainslacker3d ago

So, you press one button, or two, or three. What's the difference. They made a decision to mix it up and find a way to do what they want you to be able to do. For the most part, all you did is press attack, or reuse the same magic spell for the different enemies anyways. I would set it to remember the last menu option just so I didn't have to navigate all the time. This is just an active version of it. FFXV had good game play. it was it's one redeeming feature IMO. This is similar, but with a bit of a change for using spells and staggers, which worked in FFXIII.

It's not the original FFVII game. One can either like it or not. But at this point, I think enough is known for people to make a decision, and it's time to move on, because they aren't going to change anything this close to release, especially when most people seem fine with it.

lellkay3d ago

Good article, but needs a good proof read.

Thunder_G0d_Bane3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

You spelled 'Engadget' wrong.

OT: I'm glad it's no longer episodic but also its launching amongst too many big hitters for me.

Lionsguard3d ago

It is still episodic...Please tell me, why people think it's not. You're like the 20th person I've had to correct today. It's really Square's fault for being so passive about informing people. I've had to tell them on their twitter to be more clear about it. There's no way Midgar can be done on one disc and the entirety of the game on the second. It's ridiculous.

NautilusXIII3d ago

lol, even in the ps store it says "The first entry in a multi-part saga"

Thunder_G0d_Bane3d ago

lool omg you're right. Just read up on it. Well good thing 2020 is already jam packed.

I'll wait until the game is actually a complete package before i buy it. It would be my first time playing final fantasy 7, i loved number 9.

SamPao3d ago

I think they said its still going to be episodic

chris2353d ago

thanks for this zero-info clickbait article. if such a project does not feel ambitious and different then it would have missed the mark. thanks for pointing out the obvious by applying it to a commerce-driven post.

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