Project xCloud is Coming, and it’s the Real Deal

SG: "While there’s hesitation in the community as to the viability of the technology, which I fully understand, it’s time to begin letting go of it. xCloud is real, and it’s spectacular."

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Jin_Sakai4d ago

It’s not the real deal until internet infrastructure improves significantly and data caps diminish. Still then I’d prefer a local experience without the lag and video compression.

sixthelement4d ago

Not everyone has data cap limits. This doesn't stop it from being the 'real deal' if it works well for many. And no one is saying it's replacing your local console experience.

Apocalypse Shadow3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

How about the fact that it was in a controlled environment. Until they get it out there to the public and their Internet, it only has "potential."

Not the real deal...yet...

And yes. A lot of consumers do have data caps. A high cap before they go over and are charged extra. But it's still a cap.

sixthelement3d ago

Yes it needs to be out in the public for a true test and not a controlled environment.

If consumers have data caps this isn't for them. For the rest of us it might be the real deal if it works properly.

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sprinterboy3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Launches October I believe yet all were seeing is it working on phones?
It'll be the future for sure but it's still a gen too early imo.

rainslacker3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

True, but it's being promoted as a viable alternative that is going to work for everyone, or a large margin. Even if people don't have data caps, the internet in the US at least is nowhere near consistently reliable to provide a consistent experience for the end user. Even if most users don't have data caps, I can assure you that most ISP's do not provide their customers with good wi-fi routers for the home, and even fewer know how to set them up to provide the best service in their home, and even fewer use wired connections in their homes.

Out and about, I know of absolutely no cell provider that provides a high speed unlimited data plan that doesn't eventually throttle your data if you use too much. Maybe they exist, but cellular ISPs for phones are among the most reprehensible of ISP's that fleece their users for every dime, and most people do not buy those expensive plans.

There are very few public wifi networks in the world, and even fewer hot spots at private businesses which provide high speed and lag free internet connections to those who may use them.

Some parts of the EU/UK are better. Japan is actually pretty decent as it's controlled and subsidized by the government. But most of the world is god awful when it comes to consistent connections.

These services can work fine. I've used PSNow and it works fine. I'm sure Stadia and xCloud will work fine. Doesn't mean that everyone is going to have a good experience with it though, and more likely someone is going to give up if their initial experience isn't that great. It's this part that most of these articles ignore, or marginalize. Maybe if some actually took the time to tell people what to expect on various connections, or how to optimize their experience in certain situations, it'd be more useful than just acting as promotional material for what is going to be highly dependant on many factors outside the users control.

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darthv723d ago

that is such a tired argument. Internet access has expanded its reach globally by ten fold over the last few years. There are now more areas of coverage than there was 10 years ago and it keeps growing. the only areas where it is behind are some 3rd world countries and the last thing on their mind is what game to play. they are more concerned with clean running water and food.

As you type from your internet enabled device.... what diff does it make to you honestly if somewhere in the world they cant stream video games?

Kaze243d ago

Unless you're going on a trip in the mountains and you wanna play xcloud, probably not gonna happen but otherwise it should be fine, I use netflix and hulu on my phone, I'm sure it will be the same with xcloud and variable video quality, great signal and the game will be 1080p, signal somewhat weak and the video might go down to 720p.


It’ll take the word over someone who’s actually played “the real deal” over yours. What does internet connection and data caps have to do with xclouds performance? Ever article I’ve read says it’s very well done. Maybe you should accept that it may actually be good.

porkandshakes3d ago

I have a feeling that no matter how much internet speeds improve we'll still have people complaining about the world not being ready for streaming games.

battlegrog3d ago

until it comes and then they can shut up

343_Guilty_Spark3d ago

It's not the real deal for "you".


Jin_Sakai3d ago (Edited 3d ago )


It's not the real deal for "you".

It’s not the real deal for “many”

Millions are stuck with crappy internet and data caps.

343_Guilty_Spark3d ago


Well you can blame your Chinese government for using all its bandwidth to spy on you.

Jin_Sakai3d ago

“Well you can blame your Chinese government for using all its bandwidth to spy on you.“

I live in America. But thanks for the input. Lol

rainslacker3d ago

Oh...I didn't know that was you Adam Orth.

Jin_Sakai3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

“Ask Mitch McConnell to get you some internet in your trailer park community.“

I currently have a 200Mbps plan but they’re two internet providers available in my area and both offer up to 1Gbps. Spectrum and MUS Fiber. Thanks for the concern though.

Now how about not blaming the consumer for not having fast internet available in their area.

darthv722d ago (Edited 2d ago )

@jin, I will ask this again... why do you care if someone else cant stream a game to play? your worldwide concern doesnt seem genuine especially since you say you have 200mbps plan.

if you really cared about the next guy, you would give up your internet so others can use it. Be a Robin hood of sorts... but I bet you wont. You like to rag on xbox and play your playstation all the while you make comments online while others go without food and shelter or worse..... internet access.

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Anomander3d ago

No data cap here, so no worries about that. Looking forward to being able to play anytime anywhere.

battlegrog3d ago

thats simply your opion. Im not sure where you live but its pretty average in canada for someone to have unlimited internet. I promise you there is a lot of people like me that want to play xbox but dont want to be locked down to having to buy some hardware and stuck in one room to play it. There is a massive demand for this concept .Theres a reason why music and movies are popular that way. It works it works no reason for it to not be a choice.

quenomamen3d ago

27 dislikes buy people who prop don't how a car engine works, much less about infrastructure.

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FallenAngel19843d ago

Remote Play has been here for years, it’s the real deal, and these sites never give it the credit it deserves

Apocalypse Shadow3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Wait until Microsoft comes up with the idea and software of sharing a game over the Internet and letting others on your friends list to try your game. Or help you when you get stuck. It will be the greatest thing evah! Even allow the other person to control your streamed game.

And we'll ask ourselves again "where have we seen that idea before?"

TK-663d ago

"Wait until Microsoft comes up with the idea and software of sharing a game over the Internet and letting others on your friends list to try your game."

It's almost as though you already can do that on Xbox...

darthv723d ago

That was the initial idea of the xbo but people shot it down.

bartender643d ago

You can do that with mixer on xbox since a long time ago...

porkandshakes3d ago

Pretty sure you can already do that through Mixer since the begining.

Prince-Ali3d ago

@Bartender64 & @Porkandshakes Mixer launched in 2016.... PS4 launched with these features in 2013 with the features in full implementation 2014 lool...? Do you not understand the sentiment here?? lool

rainslacker3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

LOL. These people don't even seem to realize this was a launch feature on PS4 you are talking about.

They think you're talking about MS familiy sharing plan they were using to try and sell their DRM dystopia, even though publishers wouldn't have gone for that without heavy restrictions, because Sony offered up something similar and publishers said they had to dial it back big time the gen before.

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King_Noctis3d ago

Remote play requires two devices. Xcloud require only one.

Prince-Ali3d ago

theres 2 kinds of xCloud.. the server based on which is gonna cost money and the free verison which requires your Xbox to play as the server which makes it Remote Play...

battlegrog3d ago

remote play anywhere you're has not been around. Only remote play with in your house where your console is

PhoenixUp3d ago

@ battle

Lolwut have you been living under a rock? You’ve been able to use Remote Play globally since May 2007.

Since then Remote Play evolved to allowing entire games to also be played on the internet & across different devices as well.

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phoenixwing3d ago

if its anything like stadia i'm not impressed i simply don't have a fast enough connection for it, at least i don't have data caps but yeah my isp is junk and pretty much the only option out here in the country. I mean it's serviceable enough to download a game fully after a day or two but that's about it. I'm not gonna be streaming anytime soon.

Thundercat773d ago

Yeah right.

Do you know how many other Xbox features have been labeled as "the real deal" and end up doing nothing at least against the competition?

TheSaint2d ago

Not sure why you're getting downvotes for stating facts.

porkandshakes2d ago

Please link the articles of features that journalists list as the real deal that ended up doing nothing if you two want to claim Facts.

Thundercat772d ago


Game changer /the real deal features
The power of the cloud
Xbox one x "the most brutal and powerful console of the universe"
Game pass

Just to name a few.

porkandshakes2d ago

You forgot to link the articles that said those were labeled as "the real deal". Like I actually asked for.

TheSaint1d ago

That's it, argue semantics. That's literally all you can do isn't it?

sprinterboy3d ago

All I keep seeing is this working on phones, isn't this and stadia supposed to be launching October

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