PSi: Fallout 3 Review

PSi writes: "10 years. That is how long it has been since the last time anyone got to leave a certified Vaultec Vault. Going out into the wasteland for the first time is an unbelievable experience and truly indescribable. Many people have been worried about whether the franchise can still hold any weight or meaning after so long. Bethesda promised an amazing game when they announced that they were taking the license from Interplay and it is. Fallout 3 is everything that could have been expected and more.

From the moment that Fallout 3 begins, everything looks simply gorgeous. There is a commitment to the franchise that can't really be explained. Bethesda took their time to ensure that every facet of the Fallout 3 universe fit within the framework of the original games that came out over a decade ago. The scenic vistas are breathtaking and every character is lively and vibrant. Huge, open areas in the wasteland truly convey the feeling of loneliness like no other game before it. Load times are kept to a minimum and everything runs at a smooth rate. Honestly, it needs to be seen to be believed."

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