Sea of Thieves player count tops 8.4 million after the Anniversary update

Sea of Thieves player counts have exceeded another major milestone.

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Kribwalker125d ago

Wow, 8.4 million, with 2 million new players since the anniversary update. The games definitely got legs and has become a gem

Livingthedream125d ago

constant updates MS/RARE are doing a phenomenal job supporting and growing this community.

Brazz125d ago

Note, 8.4M diferent player, not 8.4M copys sold.

NeoGamer232125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Note. I don't think Microsoft really cares. Probably around 6 million of those are Game Pass monthly subscribers.

porkChop125d ago

Considering it's a live service game that doesn't really matter. Even if only two or three million people bought the game, the other 5.4-6.4 million players are paying an active subscription to play the game. Money is money, and that's really what matters for live services.

Knushwood Butt125d ago

The business isn’t how many you sell. The business is how many players are playing the games that they don't buy, how they play.

Kiwi66125d ago

Thats still a lot of players though

mandingo125d ago

Xbox games are never going to sell tons of copies anymore now that all their games are on gamepass. Fine for me.

nowitzki2004125d ago


I dont think MS has a choice.. They are horrible at selling/making games.

UnHoly_One125d ago

Considering how all Xbox games are included in Gamepass now, and how hard they are pushing to get people onto Gamepass (I paid a dollar and have it until February of 2022) I don't think they really care how many copies of a game they SELL.

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sampsonon125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

if you feed a child spam and say it's steak. they will eat it all up without ever knowing what actual steak taste like.

if you take a pretty boy that can sing a wee bit. you can put up posters in middle school and make him a star.
if you ask those same kids "who is Rush?" they wouldn't know and wouldn't care.

fill in the blank.

are people really enjoying this game? apparently so.

but can they create their own music and play real instruments.



and this is the moral of the sheep story.

they don't make furniture the way they used to. they actually used wood and hand carved it.

never mind.

NeoGamer232125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Not every game is about epic, cinematic stories... Sea of Thieves is just a lot of fun believe it or not. I play it not because it is a perfect 10, I play it for entertainment and fun. Sometimes it is nice to get away from the constant dying in games like Dark Souls, the intensity of something like Uncharted / Last of Us, and just have a bunch of unadultrated fun playing a video game.

It is like some people think their favorite racing game is GT and Forza Motorsports where it is all about realistic car driving... Others like NFS, Forza Horizon, etc. which are arcade racers that are more about fun then realism. Sea of Thieves is a perfect reality escape.

Zeref125d ago

lmfao the dumbest comment i've seen today

shaggy2303125d ago (Edited 125d ago )


Seriously dude over your self, stop taking life so seriously. Not every game has to be a gritty story driven game with plot twists and sub plots etc.

Sometimes a great game can be just a simple game with a simple premise. Look at Minecraft, Stardew Valley, Overwatch all very simple games but all of them amazing in there own right.

Sea of Thieves is s simple game and just because you dont like it doesn't mean that it's a terrible game. Heck a lot of journalists didn't like Days Gone, and yet loads of people love it. Now I'm not comparing Days Gone with Sea of Thieves, they are totally different games, but they are both good games in their own right.

81BX125d ago

It's ok Steven just go back in your hole. You're bothering the guests.

x_xavier_x125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

@ Sampsonon

"if you feed a child spam and say it's steak. they will eat it all up without ever knowing what actual steak taste like."

You're entire premise is based on the assumption that Sea of Thieves players can not recognize quality because they have never experienced another video game. This claim is completely erroneous and seems to be based on your own personal bias and ignorance. Do you have a list of every game that these "sheep" have played? No? Then you shouldn't judge them based on their affinity for a particular title.

News flash, people have varied tastes and shouldn't be defined by what YOU determine to be of value. If that was the case then I'd certainly be justified in disparaging you for being a Rush fan;)

"Never mind" was the only thing that you said that made sense.

darthv72125d ago

I think you are confused my friend. Steak is a cut of meat, not a type. There is pork steak, ham steak, beef steak... even shark steak.

and SPAM is a mixture of ham and other pork and it too could be cut into steaks (albeit smaller).

does that help any?

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NarutoFox125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

I wonder if half of those players are on PC. Probably most are from gamepass. I'm sure they didn't buy this game for $60 dollars

Zeref125d ago

Yet dumb people keep saying it's dead lmao

Kubark125d ago

It has legs but does it have sea legs?

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EasilyTheBest125d ago

On here you'd think it was one huge flop, funny that..

Livingthedream125d ago

Yup! That's on N4g though, IMO the only people upset about online multiplayer games are PS FANBOYS, because well Sony hasn't really had a hit online game, except maybe Gran Turismo. Although not sure how it's doing at this point.

someone72125d ago

Huh to both. Xbox is doing well with online games, somy is fine too, though the network isnt as solid overall.

Sea of Thieves is also a solid title, who cares what platform its on.

And uncharted 4mp? Really? I have that game and I dont even recall the option. Not really a good example to prove a point.

Poopmist125d ago

FF14 is a thing tbf, but I'm not an MMO fan so my ps4 is a SP exclusives machine.

Livingthedream125d ago

@hentai, uncharted really?! It's great have played them all except the recent expansion, and I regret not playing last of us multiplayer, I heard it was good. But let's be real. Gears,Halo and I'm talking about all halos still have a huge community, state of decay, SOT are still booming. I remember picking up killzone shadowfall about a year after release and the community was already dead. Xbox strength comes in online games and always has. Glad they're doing well.

nunley33124d ago

@Poopmist Yeah i play FFXIV and that's been doing cross-play on PlayStation since 2013. That would be doing cross-play on Xbox but MS refused cross-play then and wanted SE to make a separate version to just run on XBL,SE refused so history made.DCUO took the offer so there's a separate version of that just for XBL

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danny818125d ago

The community is kinda toxic here. Sea of Thieves is a bad ass game and very smooth. Sad i don't get alot of time to play games

AspiringProGenji125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

It was at launch, but they needed more time to complete the game, but even Fallout 76 still has players and that game is a flop indeed. Unlike Rare Bethesda doesn't care tho

NXFather125d ago

When did I or my clone or Jesus Christ make a promise that we have now changed. What guarantee has passed a date we put out that we have failed and are now acting as if we did not say? Tell me one. Serious question?

chefricco125d ago

Loved it from the start and one of the best online communities out there.

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DiRtY125d ago

Great news, congratulations Rare!

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vostro20125d ago

Its 10 guys making millions of accounts

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