The Witcher 3 Has Now Sold More Than 20 Million Copies

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is a great success for the developer CD Projekt Red and they confirmed that it has now sold more than 20 million copies.

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zsquaresoff3d ago

It would be interesting if they had a breakdown of which platform it sold well on. Pc, Ps4 and Xbone is my prediction.

anonymousfan3d ago

Surprising considering this series started as a PC exclusive but I think it may be more like PS4 > PC > Xbox One

Vegamyster3d ago

It was 45% on PC, PlayStation 4 with 39.5% and Xbox One at 15.5% back in May.

anonymousfan3d ago

Thanks for that link @vegamyster. Very close second place for PS4 still if you look at PC vs consoles it's still super impressive how consoles (combined) outsold the original platform (PC) i.e. 55 % of 20 million sales. Glad CDProjekt started developping for consoles and now a chunk of that money is being invested in cool looking games like Cyberpunk :)

Baza3d ago

And it’s about to sell a few million more now it’s hitting Switch

CrimsonWing693d ago

This is my all time favorite game, beat out Ocarina of Time for me.

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