E3 2019: Nintendo Direct is All Games, All the Time, but was it Enough?

Nintendo didn’t waste any time jumping right into the thick of things with their E3 2019 Nintendo Direct, showcasing a multitude of games coming both this year and early 2020.

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porkChop131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

Are you kidding me? It was more than enough. Not only did they announce a ton of games, but they showed actual gameplay for almost everything.

ButtAnihilator130d ago

It was such a tease to see banjo and kazooie as characters for smash bros, I really want a new banjo lazooie game. 😢

Einhander1971130d ago

Panzer Dragoon won it for me:)

AK91130d ago

For me it has to be games AND release dates, I get there is a special case for games just announced but BOTW 2 felt like it was announced way too early to me.

Who knows I might be wrong and eat my words when a release date is set but time will tell.

Aclancy83130d ago

Nintendo is the only company that did E3 correctly imo. Besides Cyberpunk 2077 everything else was lackluster at best.