Microsoft's Xbox chief: Project Scarlett likely isn't the last console

Streaming services are all the rage, but Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, doesn't mean that leads to fewer devices.

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RosweeSon673d ago

No there will be a ps5 and a new Nintendo console the way Xbox are going tho if they put their game pass on other systems why buy their console when you can play all their exclusives elsewhere.
So last console from Xbox... quite possibly. Doubtful tho.

darthv72673d ago

Well for me I prefer that console experience. So I will keep buying as long as they are made.

RosweeSon673d ago

I couldn’t agree more streaming no thanks just give me my games on my console it ain’t broke doesn’t need fixing options are great but yeah physical console for me

AK91673d ago

I wonder if Scarlett will be the last traditional console and the next one will be a streaming console.

Sophisticated_Chap673d ago

There will always be consoles of some sort, even if they are similar to OnLive's streaming micro-console. Having a presence in the livingroom is key to being at the center of gaming.

Godmars290673d ago

Its not like they actually do anything with them...

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