28 Random Things I Learned Playing Final Fantasy VII Remake | Game Informer

GI: "These are the most interesting tidbits that came from our hands-on time with Square Enix's next major RPG."

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PhoenixUp4d ago

We’re gonna have to wait a long while for Final Fantasy XVI

FalconofLucis983d ago

Different team Naoki Yoshidas most likely working on it

pietro12123d ago

I hope he's directing the next FF game. I love a Realm Reborn, best story and characters since FFIX

CaptainIronbat3d ago

@pietro FFX was the last great Final Fantasy game not FFIX. Get real.

elliselijah923d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Tbf, I thought FF9 was a step back for the franchise. It added nothing new and just played it safe. Plus, I disliked its childish nature and tone, not serious at all. Not to the mention the most blandest and unininspired gameplay. No limit breaks too except trance. It had good music though Ill give it that.

elliselijah923d ago

@pietro also are you just going to ignore FFX got 92 on metacritic by 53 critics as well as a 9.0 userscore by 1400 fans? Whereas, FF12 got a 7.5 userscore. Clearly FFX was the last great FF game.

Michiel19893d ago

@elliselijah92 Imm happy that you define if a game is great or not by the metacritics, I decide it by playing the game. Childish tone ff9? yes it visuals could be considered childlike but its your loss if that prevents you from enjoying a game. How is a story that tries to stir up a conversation about existance and your place in the world childlike?

pietro12123d ago

I don't care about ratings (btw FFIX is still the highest rated FF). Noticed I mentioned story and characters nothing else. I do like X, but I still enjoyed IX. Heck,I even enjoyed FFXII it's my third favorite title

pietro12123d ago

Twisting my words dude. I said nothing about what games were great or not. I just said I enjoying the story of 14 as well as the characters

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PhoenixUp3d ago

@ Falcon

I didn’t mean that the team working on this would be the same one for FFXVI

I meant Square Enix’s business ethics would mean it’d be a long time until we get FFXVI, especially since they haven’t revealed it yet going onto almost 3 years after FFXV released

Imortus_san3d ago

During the Square presentation they talked about filling up 2 Blu Rays, were they talking about the full version or one episode!?

elliselijah923d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Part 1 will be 2 discs and those 2 discs will be just Midgar.

Imortus_san3d ago

Hope it's 20h+ on those two disks for one episode.
Thanks for sharing.