Thoughts After Cyberpunk 2077's 50-Minute Gameplay Demo - IGN

IGN: "I just got out of Cyberpunk 2077’s behind-closed-doors, hands-off demo at E3 2019, and it went into deep enough into some of its unanswered questions that this is actually starting to look like a real game. It was an impressive chunk of roughly 50 minutes of new gameplay that started to show some of the more nitty gritty elements of how you’ll actually be playing this epic-scale RPG, even if it didn’t have quite as much impact as last year’s big reveal."

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Outlawzz11d ago

Game looks epic. Ready to explore that world up and down. They nailed that punk future vibe.

Crazyglues11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Yeah I was thinking the same thing, it's done really well, sometimes even in movies you can miss the mark on that Cyber punk future vibe, but here it's done so well It feels like how the world really could be in the future, I can't wait to see stuff in the world...
Seems like the story is going to be awesome, and if it plays as good as it looks we will be in heaven...

This is indeed on my Must Have Day One list... Might even have to get the Collectors Edition it looks so good..

-So Ready for this Game- it's not like anything we have been playing lately and I love that... :) Super Pumped for this one..

The_Sage11d ago

I really want to be excited for this game, but sadly I'm just not yet. Maybe my expectations are unrealistic. I wanted something much closer to Blade Runner. There's still time... Maybe future gameplay will grab me... And I hope you can turn off the hit numbers.

sprinterboy11d ago

I'm the same, I have faith in the devs so I'm at ease but I seriously haven't seen enough yet to be super hyped.
I'll worry about cyberpunk after I've spent all Xmas figuring out the ending and wtf death stranding was all about lol.

The_Sage11d ago

I know it's coming from the same people who made the excellent Witcher games, but this one is just not grabbing me yet... I really want to be hyped for it, it's just not happening yet.

TimmyTesticles11d ago


bloop11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

I never thought about it like that Timmy. That's quite insightful. You've opened my mind with your wonderful use of vocabulary.

BrettAwesome11d ago

You can start by eating my mother. I don't think she had a tounge in her pussy since 1988. Let alone one as eloquent as yours

Knushwood Butt10d ago

Did you write the dialogue that was used in the E3 trailer?

Hardiman10d ago

Timmy what if I eat your family first?!?!

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nowitzki200411d ago

Why dont you make the game you want.. This is the game they want to make.

chris23511d ago

could easily be that this game is not for you no matter how hard you want it to be this game you want. maybe move on then? seems like you are forcing yourself wayyy too hard. this never comes out well.

The_Sage11d ago

I'm not forcing myself to do anything... I've been looking forward to this game for years because it sounded very interesting. Then I saw the gameplay. It looks more like Call of Duty than Blade Runner, and that is disappointing. I don't care about the perspective, it's that the vibe isn't in line with what I, and others were hoping for.

averagejoe2610d ago

It's OK, ignore the downvotes.

Most of the reviews from the e3 closed door demo were underwhelming. The excitement is dying down with each demo. It'll be a good game but people are hyping it to impossible levels.

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Father__Merrin11d ago

I don't think this will be as big as witcher series but should do well enough

Lennoxb6311d ago

I think it could end up being bigger actually.

stefan_77111d ago

Still on the fence about this. I dont mind the first person perspective but the whole thing looks underwhelming

Banjorol11d ago

Please, really? What games do you play?

The_Sage11d ago

Not to speak for stefan, but Observer looks to have a better cyberpunk vibe than what I've seen from this so far. I was really looking forward to this game, but the gameplay I've seen is disappointing.

averagejoe2610d ago

Why does it matter what games they play?

The Witcher 3 was great, this shows nothing of that sort of promise yet.

The_Sage11d ago

I agree, stefan... I really want to be excited about this game, but it's just not grabbing me.

averagejoe2610d ago

Same. It's just all been hype so far

Witcher 3 Dev Hype
Keanu Hype

No one ever mentions anything about the actual gameplay being hype.

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