Resistance 2 Complete Briefcase Guide

GamesRadar writes: "You've destroyed Daedalus and mastered the multiplayer, but there's still one challenge left in Resistance 2: collecting all the cases.

It might be that you're only missing that lone tough one in Chapter 4 or maybe you haven't even begun to search. Either way, our video guide is the solution to your briefcase related problems. For all other problems we suggest checking the Resistance 2 cheat page."

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Kleptic4053d ago

the paragraph description may be a spoiler...It may be an obvious fight after the first chapter...but still, I am only half way through the campaign roughly, and was wondering who the end boss would be still...maybe deadalus would be in the next game? i know though...

shat though...I think I accidentaly found that lone case in chapter 4...while helplessly avoiding that ridiculous swarm thing...lucky me if that was the hardest one to find...

WINZLOW4053d ago

great game! i already unlocked plenty of trophies as well.

Lanontscuz4053d ago

huh? im clueless about briefcase what do you get if you collect all of them ?i have only played to the forrest area .....

Marceles4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

The briefcases are get a bronze trophy for getting 5 and a gold for finding them all, not sure about what you get in-game. I got 17 trophies yesterday, it's pretty short compared to the first one.