Cyberpunk 2077: NVIDIA Partnership Brings Ray Tracing To Hugely-Anticipated Game

NVIDIA and CD PROJEKT RED are working together to bring real-time ray tracing to Cyberpunk 2077.

airshiraz1575d ago

wait for something better man .first gen raytracing cards are just for enthuiasists

Scatpants1574d ago

I'm fairly enthusiastic. I want to upgrade my Oculus CV1 to the Valve Index at some point next year and I'm going to need a juiced card to push that 120hz. Hopefully it doesn't take them long to release a gen 2.

THE-JAGON1573d ago

wait for super rtx 2080ti its faster at the same price ... that is NOT a joke look it up it a real thing


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Lilyward143m ago

Thanks for sharing. it's so interesting.


Stealth Thug/Batman/Predator gameplay - Cyberpunk 2077:Phantom Liberty/update 2.0

CG writes: In this video we showcase some nifty panther stealth gameplay using nothing but takedowns as a stealth thug build. The added movement buffs, especially crouch-sprinting and time dilation relic skills means you can really role-play a predator or batman type character with devastating results. They never see what's coming.

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bunt-custardly13h ago

You do realize that there are way more enemies here and two bosses and a ton of loot. You're not stealthing all of that. Good luck trying.


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