The Legacy of Final Fantasy VII - Why it is a masterpiece, and why I'm frightened of the Remake

Humad writes: "Let's get the obvious cleared out first: Yes, I'm a devout Final Fantasy VII fan. This is a game dear to my heart and I cherish it deeply."

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shaun mcwayne4d ago

Why be scared of a remake, I think people want the remakes to recreate the same experience the original, I think this is impossible as times change, people change. These older games were game changers in the industry at the time, we had never played the likes of before. Ones that spring to mind are, resident evil, tomb raider, street fighter 2, also we didn't have as much choice as we have today.

Kurisu3d ago

I agree. Final Fantasy VII will always be Final Fantasy VII - the original will always be a masterpiece in it's own right. FFVII was my first Final Fantasy game and from what I've seen I'm all for the remake. Can't wait to play it, really hoping for a PSN demo of the Guard Scorion boss fight before it releases.

AK913d ago

I’m the opposite I’m glad they’re making an entirely new game rather than making the same game but with better graphics.