Opinion: The Witcher 3 on Nintendo Switch is unbelievable

Gaming Boulevard discusses one of the most surprising announcements on Nintendo Switch today, the Complete Edition of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. They explain why this is an unbelievable port.

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bumbleforce396d ago

Ya it's unbelievable this game could look so shitty. I'm sure ni rando fans will say best thing ever and bend over to take it in the butt from the red plumber god

SyntheticForm396d ago

I think it's great that Switch users who don't use other consoles or a PC have the opportunity to play this wonderful game.

mikeslemonade396d ago (Edited 396d ago )

Yay let’s put Crysis on the Dreamcast!

Who cares. You don’t get moral victories here.

Their should have been new hardware. I need to trade in my launch Nintendo Switch.

Neonridr396d ago

@mikeslemonade - the system has been out just over 2 years. Next year we will see an upgrade announced.

Cobra951396d ago

Also good for those who want it on the go, even if they have it on other platforms. Sure, it won't look as spiffy, but no one expects it to.

zacfoldor396d ago

However, i would still rather play it on Switch than trying to stream it. Input latency and 100% reliability with no online connection required(which I assume one isn't for the Witcher 3) is way more important than graphics.

Just imagine, in the future, instead of getting to play games like Witcher 3, we may have to stream them. If you think the Switch is weak, just wait until actual technical problems with game streaming pop up.

Think of how inconsistent and terrible all current tech really is, and now imagine someone is trying to sell you game streaming by saying it is 100% reliable. Well, I guess this is the first tech ever that is reliable, and I'm sure we'll have no problems with it on Internet connections all across the globe. /s

396d ago
lellkay396d ago

I'm tempted to buy it again, just to have it on the go. I know it will be overpriced and it will be the worst version, but I just love this game to much..

Myst-Vearn396d ago

"here is your gimped as hell version of an originally amazing looking game, now call it a MIRACLE"
what the hell

zacfoldor396d ago

If you think this is bad, wait until you try game streaming.

iplay1up2396d ago

It runs in 720p. I have an X1X and now a PRO, and I am not bashing the Switch version, and I will probably buy the game for it. Being able to play the complete Witcher 3 game, in HD in the palm of my hands, COOL!

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