The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Is Getting a Sequel

Zhiqing W. writes:

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is getting a sequel, as announced at the Nintendo E3 2019 Direct. Here's what you need to know.

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Nyxus4d ago

Man, totally unexpected. Great way to end the show!

pecorre4d ago

Metroid Prime and Bayonetta were announced too soon. At least, with BotW 2, we have a glimspe of the game. I just hope it won't be released in 3 years. Now, Nintendo, please, give us Mario Odyssey 2.

bouzebbal4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

First time I'm not excited for a zelda sequel.. Botw left me a very bitter taste... I hated the new recipe... Hopefully some more main dungeons and different dungeon bosses..

Link awakening on the other hand....😍😍

mikeslemonade4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Playground dungeons, box puzzles, walking/climbing simulator.

We want Wind Waker 2 not Box Puzzle 2.

And disappointing no new hardware to upgrade my launch switch which is bending with a low res/quality screen.

Zeldafan644d ago

Not really. I've said since I beat BotW that it would be getting a sequel. I wasn't very confident that it would be revealed this soon though.

Shiken4d ago

People tend to forget that Majora's Mask released only 2 years after Ocarina of time due to reused assets and engine. It appears this BotW sequel is doing the same thing, so it is not rocket science to see that this announcement is right where it needs to be.

NecrumOddBoy3d ago

If they used the same Hyrule map, took out all those stupid phone game physics puzzle rooms and added actual dungeons, side quests, real items and a story.... this could be the best Zelda game. BOTW got the world down (minus what I thought was a really washed out color pallet) with the climbing and physics, (oh also screw you but it's turn away from traditional form was not good. It's an "ok at best" game that would have never gotten the recognition if it didn't have that "Zelda" name. I rode that carrot on a stick hoping BOTW would be something more, but it was just a collectathon at the end of the day. 100s of shrines, poos and memories, etc and true ending... and I was really disappointed with the lack of "Zelda."

I am super stoked for Link's Awakening and I like how they added in a "Dungeon Creator" on top of the Mr. Rogers's Neighborhood table top look. It's charming. I'd like to see a ZELDA MAKER in the future and a 2.5D METROID MAKER sub-feature added into Prime 4. And if they are remaking Zelda games in the future, a papercraft Minish Cap would make me happy.

zoramax4d ago

This alone won E3 for Nintendo. Based on the trailer I got a feeling it could have 2-player coop with Zelda.

BadElf4d ago

I got a feeling that would be a terrible idea

Prince-Ali4d ago

THIS won E3!? loool you Nintendo fans are MAD! that better have been DLC because that CAN NOT be a sequel lool...

pietro12124d ago

Nintendo won E3, and this was icing on the cake

NiteX4d ago

It is most definitely a sequel. Maybe you should actually watch the trailer....

pietro12124d ago

Btw it was stated to be a sequel in the direct. If you're going to hate on something at least have you facts right

Prince-Ali4d ago

@Pietro1212 & @NiteX
Im not angry at people thinking Nintendo won E3.. I may think it was someone else but that's not what im disputing lool...
LOOOOOL THIS LOOKS LIKE DLC! IT genuinely doesn't look any better that BoTW which is hilariouuuss lool
The face that you guys didn't get what i was saying makes it even funnier lol... JESUS!

pietro12124d ago

The sequel is being built on the same engine using the same assets

Prince-Ali4d ago


So..? That's an excuse..? lool you guys would defend ANYTHING That's NOT plus! loool so you think releasing a game in what were gonna go ahead and assume is 2020/2021 that looks like a 2017 game is acceptabl!? loool you're ACTUALLY delusional if you can actually say yes to that! Even CoD which has been using the same Quake engine since 1997 looks noticeably better with each iteration.. this GENUINELY just looks like BoTW like i literalllyyy thought they were releasing BoTW story DLC or a new dungeon with Zombies because of how much its basically the exact same game loool

Neonridr3d ago

@Prince-Ali - jesus dude, you sound genuinely upset that Nintendo showed off a new Zelda game. So because the game doesn't look vastly different it can't be a sequel? This game at least will be built from the ground up for the Switch without the Wii U in mind, so expect the game to push a little more in terms of visuals.

you need to relax though, it's not DLC, it was shown as a new game.

Prince-Ali3d ago


Im NOT angry that they showed off a new Zelda game wtf loooool! That's not it at alll! I was calm seeing them show that off but when they FIRST showed it off without saying the whole 'BoTW 2 is in development' i thought they were showing off DLC for the game based off of looks... and when it was shown to be the next game i just chuckled a lil and kept it pushing... my issue is with the hyperbolic statement this guy made! is all.. ESPECIALLY with the other games shown off at E3! simplesl ool

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Prince-Ali4d ago

Honestly.. I give them a B just a good conference to me...

pietro12123d ago

What you said about the CoD franchise isn't true. You may want to check your sources again. Engines age and they received news and modifications to those said engines. Don't make stuff for a poor attempt to make a point

Prince-Ali3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOL!!! YOU'RE ACTUALLY THE BIGGEST DUMBASS ON THIS ENTIRE THREAD!!!!!!!!!!! loool Here's a link.. next time you want to talk shut your mouth and think if you sound stupid.. it'll save you the embarrassment!

Also WHY DO YOU THINK ACTIVISION IS MAKING SUCH A BIG DEAL ABOUT THEM USING AN ALL NEW GAME ENGINE WITH THIS NEW CALL OF DUTY!!?!?!?! loooool You LITERALLY know NOTHING about games development.. just because a game engine receives modifications and improvements doesn't mean it's not based on the architecture of the original engine! Look at the Decima with Horizon Zero Dawn vs Death Stranding! 2 completely different levels and uses BUT STILL PROMOTED AS DECIMA! Look at Frostbite for EA, it gets improved and modded to do multiple different genres BUT ITS ALL STILL FROSTBITE!!
Just because the Quake 3 engine gets rebranded as the IW engine and improved and modded DOESN'T MEAN ITS NOT AN IMPROVED QUAKE ENGINE! you foool ¬___¬ loooool

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EddieNX 4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Hell yh!!!! In come the comments from people who haven't played it saying it's not as good as proper Zelda games!

Easily one of the most enjoyable games I've ever played, can't wait for the sequel.

Switch is the home of the must buy exclusive. There's at least ten I want day 1.

Nyxus4d ago

Why are you so defensive all the time?

EddieNX 4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

This site is full of childish Nintendo haters, that's why.

The rustling of the pijamas is hilarious. This site is infested with neck beard Nintendo haters.

-Foxtrot4d ago

"This site is full of childish Nintendo haters"


Dude did you read your comment above? Like...come on now.

Pot calling kettle

SegaGamer4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

I don't hate Nintendo, I just don't think that pretty much everything they make is gold. You Nintendo fanboys lost your minds when Jim Sterling gave Zelda Breath of the Wild a 7/10. They also lost it when somebody posted a fake leak showing IGN giving Mario Odyssey a 8.6.....getting upset about an 8.6 rating, that is pathetic. You also lost your minds when somebody posted a fake metacritic score of Jim Sterling giving Mario Odyssey a 7/10. Nintendo fans couldn't even be bothered to check if the score was legit, they just leaped straight into defense mode XD

You're way too defensive, so defensive that you feel you have to make selling cardboard out to be like some genius invention.

As you can tell from my name, I'm a Sega fan, but you don't see me praising every single thing they do. Some of their ideas are complete crap, some of their ideas are great, and some I find underrated, but I don't get super defensive if people think differently from me.

Cris7tiano4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

@EddieNX on the contrary, this site is infested with Ninty zealots who gets so defensive when someone dares to criticize their precious company and its games to the point they urge the mods to ban him/her. How pathetic!
Besides, it's ironic a Ninty fan calling others children! lol. Buy yourself a mirror, bozo.

quent4d ago

His excited about a new Zelda game, why you here ?

Nyxus4d ago

@ quent: because I've been a Zelda fan for 20 years, thanks for asking.

DarXyde4d ago

SegaGamer nails it. I think I am someone who is perhaps more pro-Nintendo than many other people on this site - I even had some early defense of their online infrastructure which, speaking candidly, would otherwise be indefensible. I really like Nintendo and their software has great appeal to me. I applaud them for never chasing raw power because new experiences and innovation take precedence over the expected console evolution we always see with Playstation and Xbox. Sony's Japan Studio is actually my favorite Sony studio because their games embody a certain vision that more closely resembles Nintendo's than perhaps any other non-Nintendo studio.

That all being said, I am rather excited about a sequel to Breath of the Wild. The original is truly fantastic with plenty to do. Still have yet to find all of the koroks, but that will happen when I do also play a lot of other games. Great on Nintendo for following up a title that deserves the praise and acclaim it received, and I'm quite curious to know more about the changes going forward.

And with all THAT being said, EddieNX, you really are overly defensive and sensitive to Nintendo critiques. I am primarily a Playstation gamer and I make no bones about that, but I certainly don't feel the need to preempt any "negative" comments as if that provides me with some kind of extrinsic validation. You are quick to justify your own lashing out and dismiss others as being Nintendo haters, even if some of the criticism (or, perhaps just as prevalent, *skepticism*) is warranted. People have opinions -- they're allowed as much.

You can take this as an assault on your character if you like, but know that it comes from a place of genuine observation. I do not know you, but I do not believe you are a bad person or have bad intentions, but your personal insight leaves something to be desired. I think you honestly just struggle to come to terms with the fact that you, like the people you criticize, indulge in some childish behaviour.

And if that makes you happy, you do you, my guy -- but you really cannot justify complaining in those contexts.

Neonridr3d ago

@Nyxus - isn't everyone? I could say that I am excited for a new Zelda game and get about 20 downvotes from insecure Sony fans. It goes both ways. Some people are just more passionate than others I guess.

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djplonker4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

I mean I can post proof I bought a switch and zelda at launch and it never clicked with me and I will probably never finish it.

But no you live in the safe space you have created in your head where no one could possibly be critical about a zelda game without being a troll who couldn't have possibly bought it and didn't like it......

Donnie814d ago

I bought it and had to make myself finish it. I love Zelda to and have beat them all. Zelda is what made me love this hobby but I can say botw isn’t one of my favorites. They need to take a chance and make a more mature Zelda. I’m not talking boobs and blood but something less childish. I grew up with Nintendo but they didn’t grow up with me

Imalwaysright4d ago

And I can post links to the safe space that was created in this website by the majority or are you going to pretend that the narrative around here wasn't that BoTW reviews were bought or that Nintendo gets a pass?

iplay1up24d ago

I have it for Wii U. and did not like it that much. Bought it AGAIN for Switch, and like it little more this time around, but doubt I will finish it.

Neonridr3d ago

anyone can be critical of Nintendo or their games. That's your choice. I hate how apparently everyone who loves the game (and that scale is greatly tipped in the favor of loving it as indicated by all the awards and scores) is wrong and they are defending it and a zealot and whatever. BOTW did a lot of great new things for the series. Was it perfect? No, absolutely not. Can the formula be adjusted and tweaked for the sequel? Absolutely.

Jesus, not everyone likes every game. There are people out there who didn't enjoy TLOU. Does that make them crazy? No, just different. Different strokes for different folks.

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Kribwalker4d ago

best game of the generation . Can’t wait for the sequel

-Foxtrot4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

The ONLY bad thing about this announcement is having to put up with your fanboy comments until it's was just settling down after the first game aswell

Anyone who didn't think the world of Breath of the Wild you called a troll or you say they didn't play it to belittle their comment. It's not right.

I played it, I'll take a picture of it and my Switch if you like and like I said a million times, it was a SOLID game, a good game but overrated. I'm glad you guys are getting a sequel, I really am, I'm happy you're happy but don't act out like that and call others it just makes you look bad. It's called opinions...and yes, in my opinion, past Zelda games did do certain things better. Maybe this game will tackle those issues for me but who knows, I can't say anything yet until more information presents it's self but going off the trailer, first impressions it might just be the first games map with alternations here and there, possibly using content that didn't make it similar to when Super Mario Galaxy 2 happened.

If this is happening then please give me Super Mario Odyssey 2.

bluefox7554d ago

Wildly overrated. Compared to other Zelda games, it was mediocre. Link to the Past was a masterpiece, BOTW was pretty good, but compared to previous installments? Meh.

Imalwaysright4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

And I have to put up with yours as you're exactly one of them people Eddie was talking about. That's why his comment got you triggered isn't it?

Neonridr3d ago

here's hoping they address some of the biggest complaints from the first one and apply that to the sequel. I loved the open world feeling, loved the crafting and variety of weapons and armor, etc. Loved that the game didn't hold your hand and killed you immediately if you ended up in the wrong area. Story was interesting, but didn't feel enough for me and the lack of traditional dungeons left a little bit of a sour taste in my mouth. And for the love of all things holy, give me a blacksmith or someone I can repair my weapons with. Most of the best weapons I found in the game I would simply hang on my wall at my house since I was too afraid to use them and letting them break.

But I am glad Nintendo changed up the formula and tried some new stuff. No, not new in the world of video games but certainly new for a Zelda title. And I can't wait to see what this one is all about. Looks dark as hell and I love it.

Araragifeels 4d ago

Gameplay is 10/10, and Open World is 7/10 but story is mediocre for me. I honestly didn't like the small story and how empty the open world felt. It was a great game but I prefer Twilight Princess better or Ocarina of Time.

Cris7tiano4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

"Switch is the home of the must buy exclusive. There's at least ten I want day 1."
Overreacting much?! You Ninty zealots never cease to amuse me. But it is expected from someone who overhyped that Labo cardboard piece of crap lol

Teflon024d ago

Meh, until they tell me this has a bunch of real dungeons/temples and they use a better weapon system

HeisenbergX4d ago

Switch didn’t have a single notable game for more than 6 months you do know that ? and it has been collecting dust on my table wondering why i bought it at all.

RememberThe3574d ago

This isn't a Nintendo fan site, you're not gonna get that sort of validation here. We irritated each other daily around here. I'm crapping all over the Avengers in other threads and that might irritate some folks who are excited. We share our opinions and they're all different, that doesn't mean we're all trolls.

This does look cool though and from where I sit your excitement seems reasonable. Just try not to take other opinions as an affront to your experiences. No one can take that from you and it doesn't look like anyone is trying to.

whitbyfox4d ago

How can you be a Sega fan? There is no Sega. Anyway back on topic. Breath of the Wild is at 97 on Metacritic and the best game of the generation. Obviously the sequel is going to be game of the year again.

Cosmicpangolin4d ago

I love Nintendo. They make and made some of the best ever games. I’ve owned every major Nintendo console. I have played BotW. There is so much to like about it, some things are stunning. But... some of the world leaves me hollow, the surface is gorgeous, it just does not feel like much is underneath. The dungeons always gave Zelda’s world heart, it is a shame because the feeling of being outdoors is so rich. This game may rectify all of that.

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mrmikew20184d ago

I’m wondering was that Demise or Ganon?

scorpio_20494d ago

It has to be Ganon. I had hoped it wasn’t Ganon but if you look at some of the older Ganondorf art he has that gold jewel on his forehead. I’m still hoping I’m wrong because I tend to like the one-off villains better.

ProfessorCrab3d ago

Well someone or something appears to be bringing him back to life so there could be a higher power

TheGamez1004d ago (Edited 4d ago )

OH GOD MY HEART! Just hope theyve listened to us and make the game story driven and have traditional dungeons this time. No more flashbacks, everything happens in the present. Zelda as a companion? And god is she even more of a beauty! This has got to be the first ever zelda to receive a sequel since majoras mask, very unexpected. Nintendo wins e3!!!

The 10th Rider4d ago

There was Wind Waker then Phantom Hourglass then Spirit Tracks during the DS days.

TheGamez1004d ago

I guess I meant a proper direct sequel similar to what mm was to oot. Had no interest in phantom hr glass as it was a huge downgrade from gc to ds and was mostly touch controls.

Concertoine4d ago

Definitely. After finishing BotW i dreamed of a darker, more Majroa take on the same world like they did when they decided to follow up Ocarina. Looks like i got it.

I was really wanting some bayonetta 3 news, but Nintendo killed it this E3