Banjo-Kazooie Finally Make it to Smash

Hardcore Gamer: The dynamic Nintendo 64 duo is finally in Super Smash Bros. They are teaming up to take down the likes of Mario, Donkey Kong, Link and everyone else.

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darthv72132d ago

I'd bet master chief will be another smash character at some point. Or maybe Blinx the cat. His vacuum could be a good special weapon attack.

djplonker132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

Lol blinx one of the worst mascots ever......

The point in smash dlc is to get popular characters people care about into the game and no one ever cared about blinx.

darthv72132d ago

I think you are confusing Blinx with the other cat mascot... Bubsy.

djplonker132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

No I meant blinx..... Bubsy is a another failed attempt at a mascot though.

Edit: Microsoft didn't even bother to retain the right to blinx back in 2015 so anyone can put him in their game.

Sciurus_vulgaris132d ago

Blinx isn't really that iconic of a character.

Giblet_Head132d ago

Even Ty the Tasmanian Tiger has a better chance than Binx

whitbyfox132d ago

The characters have to have appeared on a Nintendo console. No Master Chief.

darthv72132d ago

^there is a first time for everything.

Okay, Conker then... he could fit nicely.

mikeslemonade132d ago

Lame. Nintendo press conference was 2 smash characters and Breath of the Box Puzzle 2.

RosweeSon132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

Blinx the cat got more chance or Bubsy making it in, none. I know let’s add gex 😑 nintendo got more than enough of their own characters to fill the roster.

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Obscure_Observer132d ago


Phil Spencer and Nintendo made a lot of us very happy today ;)

Majin-vegeta132d ago

That duck&dog troll😂😂

Outlawzz132d ago

Lol that was epic honestly

The 10th Rider132d ago

I love how the DK characters are all cheering when Banjo/Kazooie do show up, haha.

zoramax132d ago

Damn MS and Nintendo certain are 4 The Players.

EddieNX 132d ago

All.banjo kazooie games will be on the eshop soon. The floodgates are starting to open.
You'll be able to get xcloud on Switch eventually.

Concertoine132d ago

Great trailer, and amazing redesign. MS should absolutely take the momentum afforded to them by the publicity of smash and fund banjo threeie.

darthv72132d ago

with Rare working on new expansions for sea of thieves... who could they get to make a proper banjo game? Unless Rare can spare a few guys to work on it. I know many were expecting the new battletoads to look something like the character models used in killer instinct but I really like that look of the game. it is retro without being pixelated like so many games have been lately.

Maybe double helix or iron galaxy could make a banjo game seeing as they did such a good job on KI (another rare property)...?

Concertoine132d ago

I dont think all of rare is focused on SoT right now. I bet they have a team working on a Scarlett title.

Sirk7x131d ago

Let Nintendo develop it, with Playtonic, but Microsoft funds it. And include Nintendo characters as extras, and also have it on Xbox. Greatest platform crossover ever, and everyone wins xD
A man can dream.

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The story is too old to be commented.