Do Betas and Demos Ruin Games and Hurt Sales?

It's an interesting question that a recent remark by Cliff Bleszinski of Gears of War fame has forced gamers to think about it. In essence, does releasing a preview of a game ruin the emotional excitement and devirginize the experience before a gamer has even seen the final version?

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JonahNL4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

It could, depending on the content put in the demo/bèta.
But the difference between a demo and a bèta can IMO be huge!
The demo from lets say, Mirror's Edge, doesn't reveal much at all, what it did do, was make me even more excited about the full game, can't wait to play it! A bèta can have several bugs, glitches, etcetera... that can damage the player's idea of the game and might even cause the player to reconsider his future purchase of that game.
I think a demo tends to be more polished and I prefer playing a demo over a bèta, unless I'm really uncertain about the game and I MUST know what the game is like!

vitz34055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

Do test drives, free samples and product demonstrations hurt their respective sales? No. Case closed.

Where do these idiots come from and why do they get the biggest microphones?


Cliffy B. said. "A beta is like hooking up with a girl just to say, "yeah, I f*cked her."
Cliffy B. said. "like hooking up with a girl just to say, "yeah, I f*cked her."
Cliffy B. said. "up with a girl just to say, "yeah"
Cliffy B. said. "with a girl just to say"
Cliffy B. "with a girl just to"
Cliffy B. "with a girl"

Cliffy B with a girl.


SonyOwnsNextYear4055d ago

this whole thing is due to the killzone 2 beta MAGICALLY dropping now. had it been the other way around, it would be all good. It has happened before, btw.

Kz2 will steal alot of hype from sonys competitors.

If you havent played killzone2's beta, then you dont know what next gen gaming is. Kind of like gran turismo is to racing, kz2 is a showcase of what ps3 is all about. YES, its like that.

Now is the time where 1 console shows HALF of its true power. Theoretically

badz1494055d ago

Epic Games is the king of bullshots! so, of course CliffB will say such things as they don't want to release a beta or demo of their games because they are clearly not at the detail level of bullshots Epic loves to give out!

for me, it depends! good demos handled right will make even an average game looks good and thus attract more sales. but a bad demo will sometimes make people to doubt even the higest rated games! I prefer to have demos for everything because I really want to test them before I decide my purchase.

betas are great opportunities for devs to do server stress test and at the same time building hype and act as promotion purpose if handled right! so, be it betas or demos, it depends on how the devs handle it.

Josh1billion4055d ago

vitz3, you have hereby demonstrated your lack of understanding of the topic at hand.

The answer to the question is "possibly." I've had to put a lot of thought into this as well, and have delayed an open beta test of one of my games as a result of this. I don't want players to base their expectations on an unfinished, unpolished game.

Do demos of _finished_ games (as opposed to betas of unfinished games) hurt sales? Usually not, as the reason for the demo in the first place is to _increase_ sales. I could see it backfiring in some cases, though. I downloaded the demo of The Simpsons Game for PS3, which originally sounded like it could contain at least _some_ entertainment, but I have decided against buying it, even as its price is lowering now, because of my impressions from that demo.

sirbigam4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

vitz3 is right on the ball here 100%, If I'm spending $60 bucks on something I want to give that game a test drive first, It's alot better than reading reviews, what can be better than yur own impression of a game.

StephanieBBB4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

It gives the customers a chance to form thier own opinions on the game before they have to buy it. If they like it then, Hey 1up for the developers and publishers! But if they dislike it then the developers have just saved them from wasting money on something they will regret later on.

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IzKyD13314055d ago

Yes, they do.....I can name a dozen demos that turned me off from the full game
I've also had instances when a demo of a game wasn't good but the full game was actually great, such as Burnout and the original Resistance (the resistance demo wasn't bad exactly, it was just hard as hell and it took me a while to adapt to how to attack the battles, but the full release was ALOT better)

The Matrix4054d ago

Demos will sometimes encourage people to buy the game. But mostly the will scare people away. People get so excited about a game that when it comes out and isn't perfect (because it's made by imperfect humans) they they think it's a failure.

I can think of a few cases where demos actually help. I bought Haze because the demo was fun. It turns out in the full game the demo was the best part and was the ONLY part of it's kind.

Dawn_Of_Ashes4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

Am i the only one who really dont care about what he think about the gaming industry and stuff like that

robotnik4054d ago

nop, I dont care about that guy either, I would rather reading about Kojima, Miyamoto or the guys at Naughty Dog.

buy a ps34055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

if a game like gears2 that everyone trusts is going to be very good they have no need for betas and demos and they would hurt sales by a small amount because some people would go I tried it and leave it alone

but with games that no one know about but are good they need betas to prove that they are a good game so it would increase the games sales

jack who4055d ago

Betas and Demos show how crap your game is.

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