Sony's already won the next console war thanks to PSVR

Sony skipped gaming’s biggest event, E3, this year and Microsoft pounced. Xbox stormed the stage with a veritable bevvy of announcements about new games and services, and a slew of details about its next generation console — dubbed Project Scarlett. It was a fantastic showing for what will surely be the next generation’s console war loser.

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Spurg4d ago

Unless they have AAA-caliber game on there, its a no from me.
Plus a couple of minutes into VR game me a headache.

chris2353d ago

i feel sorry for your fragility. psvr is the best thing since chocolate.

mikeslemonade3d ago

VR isn’t gonna be in enough hands to reach critical mass. Think about it, you gotta pay $500-$600 for PS5 and then PSVR2 is gonna be another $300.

Sorry Sony is fighting a losing battle. I’m a fan of Sony, but traditional console setups are obsolete. It’s a dying breed already this gen.

shaggy23033d ago

If PSVR is proof that Sony has won the next gen already then Sony isn't going to win.

The sales figures this gen proves it, the overall sales of PS4 is what, 90 Million? And the last time I checked the PSVR had sold something like 4 Million, let's be generous and say its 5 Million by now.

That's roughly 5% of ps4 owners have bought a PSVR. Let's be even more generous, let's say all those PSVR owners didn't own a PS4 before buying the PSVR.

See where I'm going with this?

I agree VR is a great piece of tech, buying using it as proof of a console selling well is just wrong.

As we all know games sell a console, not peripherals.

bouzebbal3d ago

Sony should keep supporting it... Playstation for me is where variety is at.

Apocalypse Shadow3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Here's something interesting. This person or group has made a tribute to Ghost of Tsushima in Dreams.

Look how good looking that is from amateurs. Just think what creations will be made in Dreams for VR gamers and once again, Microsoft has nothing to counter it. They had Project Spark that could have been their version that would have helped make games for VR as they used to want to have every Xbox be a development station. But nope.

So again, PSVR is showing and giving gamers something that Xbox and the next Xbox so far is not.

That's an amazing animation. Dreams is ridiculous. And we haven't even seen VR added to it. Just think when actual games are made.

Here's another example of awesomeness. Just imagine a VR update.

Neonridr3d ago

no.. VR is amazing, but it's essentially an add-on. A different way to play. It will never supplant traditional gaming, and PSVR definitely has its shortcomings. This is from someone who actually owns one and uses it.

Dragonscale3d ago

@neon, it has shortcomings now but its still early days, obviously the tech will improve over time. At least Sony is continuing to support vr unlike some other parties. Reckon psvr 2 is gonna be be amazing tbh...

mikeslemonade3d ago

The PS5 is just gonna be my exclusive box. Just like how the PS4 is right now. I only buy the exclusives. The difference is I will be moving to game pass next gen instead buying my pc games individually as much.

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SamPao3d ago

they already have AAA in there. So....

Lilrizky3d ago

They already have quite a number of them.

nowitzki20043d ago

looking for AAA caliber game?? then Xbox isnt for you

darx3d ago

AAA lol! Independent farts in AAA's general direction. Especially this generation. AAA lol!

bouzebbal3d ago

Astro boy

say hi...

JackBNimble3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

And soon No Man's Sky , and original psvr will be compatible with ps5 so that right there is boost for Sony.

Dom_Estos3d ago

Moss, Astro Bot and Rigs are not what you would call "AAA" in the traditional manner, and even at that, this so called "AAA" bollocks is just a overrated cliche industry buzzword these days. For example, Fallout 76 is a "AAA" game, and look at the fcking state of it. See what I mean.

No, those games on the PSVR are indy to mid tier titles, but by no means does that make then inferior or worse than the so called "AAA" flat mainstream garbage that's starting to all look the same these days. Oh, they've pretty visuals and animations, so what. A shit designed game is a shit designed game regardless of its budget. The likes of Astro Bot and Moss are fantastically well made and designed titles that have more charm than the majority of the big budget mainstream guff out there, thanks to the fact that what they offer is only possible via the medium of VR.

And for those saying VR is a peripheral and whatnot: you're wrong. VR is no peripheral. It's a platform in and of itself. As I said, the likes of Astro Bot's features are not possible on a TV screen. If you were to port Astro and Moss to a flat standard version, what have you got? An OK, but ultimately mediocre-looking indy title that you probably wouldn't give a second glance to. But play them in VR, and they suddenly transcend this and become something special. That's what VR does to games, and to neglect this fact is either very ignorant or short sighted. Sure, if it makes you sick, fair enough. But don't use that as a stick to beat the potential of this technology with. In the near future, VR headsets will be ubiquitous enough and have the functionality to be able to stream to without latency and will be wireless. Think about that for a second, and it's already being done on Quest. These things will eventually end up replacing your console and TV. Still want to game on a flat screen? No sweat, VR allows you to do that, but on the Moon, under the ocean, or in a cinema.

Thundercat773d ago

Your headache hasn't stopped PSVR from dominating the VR market, recently having the first PSVR game in history to debute #1 on the UK charts, selling more than Sony expected and getting more support than anyone expected.

FyBy3d ago

PSVR is great, but not as a substitute for tv. Its complementary technology. But try something like super hot or beat saber in vr and you will know instantly, what is possible only in VR.

Realms3d ago

VR isn't mainstream yet but the technology is cool for what it is and has enough of a following to keep it alive, the only thing holding VR back at this point is the convenience factor. If and when wireless VR headsets hit the market Sony has positioned it's self for that. Say what you will but MS much like their lack of investment in AAA games MS will be playing catch up once VR really takes off, MS's lack of foresight has cost them every single generation IMO this is no different.

rainslacker3d ago

I guess this is about as valid as saying MS won the next gen because of Game Pass or xCloud, or Google because of Stadia.

Which is to say it's a stupid assumption and not true.

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Apocalypse Shadow4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

I don't know about "already won." But PS5 with PSVR definitely has a better chance for keeping its player base or gaining new players next Gen because of the immersive experiences. Over paying for subscription service like Game Pass that adds nothing innovative to gaming. Just more payments like XBL. (Even for F2P games that the base seems to forget)

We see this Gen for example as gamers who formally were just Xbox fans, moved over to PS4 because Microsoft failed to commit to their promise of *High Fidelity VR* on Xbox One X. If you bought a One X thinking you would get VR and didn't. It means they mislead and lied to you to get you to buy their new hardware.

Never mind the fact they failed to produce any new IPs this generation and keep saying "wait until E3." And never mind the fact they tried to take away your ownership of games as it wasn't just the scapegoat Don Matrick.

Unlike some gamers who don't know better, PSVR has its own AAA exclusive games based on the amount of players who own the platform. No developer is going to spend 50-100 million dollars, making a game for a player base shy of 5 million.

But the system has hits like Blood&Truth, Skyrim, Beat Saber, Astrobot, Borderlands, Superhot, Everybody's Golf, Raw Data, To the Top, Creed, etc etc etc. I could keep going. And new titles coming like Sairento, Espire 1, Sniper Elite, Iron Man, updates for NMS, Arizona Sunshine, I Expect You To Die.

And no, all games don't make all gamers sick. And you should try basic experiences before jumping into more motion intensive ones. It's like trying to fly a plane in one day.

It's another area where Sony is dominating Microsoft.

Realms3d ago

A good way for Sony to incentivize PS gamers to buy into PSVR is to offer free PSVR games with PS Plus, I know a lot of people have been pissed about how now we are only get two free games, if they where smart they would do something like this. I suspect Sony is waiting for the PS5 to restructure how and what kind of games we get with PS plus.

PlatinumKing19824d ago (Edited 4d ago )

As a big PlayStation fan and be owner , I must admit it is a good bit of kit . But Na , never going to be better than the classic tv and controller ever for me. Excellent party piece , but not something I want long gaming sessions on .

Apocalypse Shadow4d ago

The future headsets are going to get lighter just like Oculus Quest is and the clarity and resolution will be better. Probably even wireless.

It's also funny that gamers say they just want to sit in a chair or on a couch with a controller in and you can **DO** that in VR already. You don't have to stand up or move around with a DS4 in hand.

The question is what is Microsoft going to offer that PS4 is offering and PS5 will offer? Lack of new exclusive IPs have made gamers go to PS4. VR has made gamers go to PS4. No one is going to pick an Xbox for 3rd party games when those games are on Playstation. And will be on PS5.

PlatinumKing19824d ago (Edited 4d ago )

No I agree the more options the better . But I still don’t think vr will ever beat the traditional tv and joypad way . It’s a great party piece like I said. But I and everyone I know that owns one uses it maybe once a month if even that . But should be the least of Microsoft’s worry’s right now .

UltraNova3d ago


I respect your opinion and I my self enjoy a good game in the company of my friends too. But man real gaming is when you are alone and playing the games you really like but might not be built for others. For example, I frickin love Soulsborne games but my gaming buddies dont, especially in a gathering. VR is like that so don't dismiss it.

Cupid_Viper_33d ago


I disagree with the overall takeaway from the article. If Sony wins next gen, PSVR will NOT be the biggest reason why because VR is still a few ( 2 or 3 more) iterations away from actually being optimal for everyday gaming purposes.

But I can't agree with you when you say that you think that VR will never beat traditional TV and Joypad way. As a matter of fact, I would even go further and say that in 10 years time (2029) it will almost be absurd to be still be gaming on a 2D screen. This is in the same way why almost no one today is going to Best Buy or Amazon to buy a 720P TV even anymore. Here's an example:

"In 1997, Sharp and Sony introduced the first large flat screen TV. It was created using the PALC technology and measured 42 inches, a record size at the time. This first model sold for more than $15,000,"

In just 20 short years we went from first flat screens, to now foldable/bendable screens in 4k. Went from 480p to affordable 4k tv for a fraction of the $15,000 that a 42 inch would have cost in 1997. And you will see a similar and slighter accelerated progression with VR. By the time 8k TVs are at the prices that we're currently buying 4k TVs for, you'll be hardpressed to find a VR headset that is not 4K in resolution with Foveated rendering. And that's within the next 5 years.

By the time VR headsets are pushing 8K resolution at $300-$400 a headset (2029 and beyond), it will be very hard for traditional 2D flat screens to keep up with the immersion that VR/AR offers.

I know it's a bit hard to see it now, but I remember back how it was back in 2008 working and selling cell phones and the Blackberry was all the rage. People used to swear that nothing will ever replace the feel of a real keyboard and everyone else was just wasting their time. Fast forward 11 years later and you have to really REALLY try to find a phone that still has physical QWERTY keyboard.

Apocalypse Shadow3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Probably true. I wouldn't want to see traditional gaming go away. But I would like to see VR grow to become a great option to gaming.

More sales means that the bigger games that the casuals and naysayers want like Cod or madden or assassin's creed in VR, will bring them over and shut them up about AAA when AAA style games are in VR or coming to VR.

Just look at this for example
Espire 1 is like Splinter Cell and Metal Gear in VR. But these naysayers will ignore it because it doesn't have those AAA brand names above. It's weird.

MeteorPanda3d ago

motion sickness. vr is not somewhere you're meat to stay in long periods of time. we still don't know the effects of long time use and right now we are having humans who've grown up on phones lack more and more dexterity in their fingers (look up surgeon students passing grade but failing practical such as sewwing). Also kids should not be on vr without a firm time period set - their eyes will literally get fucked staying in vr.

so eh. VR is a good side on project but should not take away from screens we can look away from

Cupid_Viper_33d ago


You do make some valid points. I think that kids below a certain age should not have access to VR because, with almost everything in life, there are pros and cons. We as a species haven't had enough time using VR to know the long term effects and this is something that should be tracked and studied carefully.

But to your point on surgeons passing grades and failing practicals such as sewing, etc I kinda want to respectfully challenge that. I mean, given that the first Iphone came out in June 2007, Facebook 3 years earlier, and Instagram much later, I don't think the effect of surgeons failing to practicals can realistically be blamed on people who grew on phones. Social media as we know it today only really started to become a thing in the last decade. And you'd be hard pressed to find new surgeons under the age 28. So I'm not sure if there has been enough time for them to be affected in the way I think you're suggesting. Most newer surgeons would have been in their late teens (15 and up) when Social Media was blowing.

Unless of course, you're talking about exposure to cell phones radiation as whole. And even then I'd want to see the data on that. lol.

In terms of motion sickness, some people get motion sickness in cars, boats, skating, dancing, etc... I'm not sure we can use that as a major deterrence for VR.

shaggy23033d ago


All of what you've said about TV's back in the day is true, but here's the thing.

I don't know how old you are so I cant say if you remember when VR first got released back in the mid nineties, yes it was crude compared to modern versions, but the same problems that effected VR then still effects VR now, and that's motion sickness.

Some people simply cant use VR to its fullest, Ive played simple VR games on the PSVR like Moss and Astro Bot and find them ok, but the moment I played any game where there was a lot of motion I felt like I was going to throw up. I had the same feeling back in the day when I played a simple VR game back when I was a kid at my local arcade.

Over the years companies have tried selling VR headsets, and I'll agree this time it feels like the VR "revolution" may actually stick, but it will never be the main form of gameplay.

krauley3d ago

I really believe that sony is going to make multiplayer vr possible with the ps5 both online and in the same room. I have not heard this on these boards before but im thinking its coming. I have held off on getting a headset even though i have been very curious as to how they work but as of a few days ago i have joined the ranks of psvr enabled :) although it hasnt delivered yet. I also think that vr will over take a standard tv as the center of gaming but in a way without a headset and more like that futurist movies do will a room or multiple walls having the screen be part of it. Like maybe a 360 degree projector or something like that.

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Dom_Estos3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

You're absolutely mental if you think that a TV is better. A TV is the equivalent of peering into a small window on the other side of your room, where everything is flat, and freedom is "limited". A controller for an FPS. Use a thumb stick to move and look around to point a gun, versus using your own head, eyeballs, legs and arms where you can physically lean and step. Press a button to reload a gun and aim down the sight, versus actually doing it with your hands like it was a real object and then lifting it to your face to aim down the barrel. Yeah, that TV sure as hell seems like the better, more immersive option, doesn't it? People play games to be immersed, right? That's the thing these companies keep telling us, correct? Bigger, more "immersive" games. You can't get more immersive than VR, and that's the end of that debate.

And a "party piece"? Nice one. That's probably one of the worst descriptions of the technology I've ever read, and undersells it to a terrible degree. No. A Wii is a party piece. A bog standard Move controller with Just Dance or some shit like that is a party piece. VR is changing the face of industries. It's revolutionising how people train and learn. It's helping with medicine. It's allowing architects to step into buildings that aren't even there yet. It allows people like myself to know what its like to sit behind a sports car I'll never, ever get a chance to in real life. It's literally capable of creating brand new genres within a genre. That's some "party piece".

AK913d ago

PSVR will help them but it won't cause them to win the next gen, the only thing that'll do that is traditional video games which is the main reason they won this gen.

SolidGamerX3d ago

If they do win it wont be because of PSVR.