Nintendo at E3 2019 Day 1 (Nintendo Direct at Start)

Nintendo direct will start off this stream followed by Nintendo's normal Treehouse Live @ E3 streaming.

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I'm expecting nukes. I hope Nintendo has surprises for us other than The Witcher 3 and Ni No Kuni which already leaked.

Give me Vanquish 2 and SOME SMT5 gameplay and I'll be happy. A higher tier of Nintendo Online that gives me a storewide 10% discount would be awesome too.

pecorre505d ago

You are setting youself up for a huge disappointment. This E3, like last year, is very bad and I don't think Nintendo can save it. E3 is slowly dying and this year's show is just another proof of that.

Btw, Vanquish 2 won't happen.

GottaBjimmyb505d ago

IDK, this direct has been absolutely amazing so far. Not sure a lot of it is really unexpected/unannounced, but mostly gameplay and all look great.

pecorre505d ago

Well, it looks like I was right... The only "nuke" was the sequel to Zelda. The rest was terrible. Some games looks good, but there was almost no note worthy announcements.

mikeslemonade505d ago

Playground dungeons, box puzzles, walking/climbing simulator.

We want Wind Waker 2 not Box Puzzle 2.

darthv72505d ago

If they show some metroid prime 4 and bayonetta 3 and maybe some wonderful 102 then I will say Nintendo won E3.

-Foxtrot505d ago

Hopefully Nukes but we already kind of know some of the things coming

Luigis Mansion 3
Animal Crossing
Pokemon Sun and Moon
Maybe an update on Metroid Prime 4
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
Smash Bros Updates
Bayonetta 3

Other things might include

Devil May Cry
Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition

I'm hoping for more but who knows after E3 so far.

darthv72505d ago (Edited 505d ago )

luigis mansion 3 looks really good. and hey... a dark crystal game.

darthv72505d ago (Edited 505d ago )

no more heroes 3 and a new contra game... i like what Im seeing.

My reason for getting a switch has just been finalized. Panzer Dragoon and it looks beautiful.

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LiViNgLeGaCY505d ago

Really hoping for some more on Animal Crossing, and Town!

sprinterboy505d ago

Not a nintendo fan these days but a great direct so far, switch and ps4 is all gamers need.

sprinterboy505d ago

Well personally I couldn't miss the playstation exclusives as for pc well I've kept a close on star citizen plus a few open world mp shooters (forget the names whoops) they look great though, ones a Polish or Ukraine dev I believe fps set In chernobyl I think

Platformgamer505d ago (Edited 505d ago )

well, i don't care about luigi's mansion, fire emblem, animal crossing, pokemon, the legend of zelda link's awakening and mario maker... and i don't surely care about breath of the wild and his DLCs.
astral chain, being actually interesting, is nothing new.
smash bros, with FRIGGIN BANJO&KAZOOIE and the hero from dragon quest, was the best thing of this direct, now i hope for crash to smash! also dante from the devil may cry series could join the roster.
key word: meh

PhantomS42505d ago

Awesome show, but where the hell is Bayonetta 3!?!?!?!

darthv72505d ago

nothing to show like metroid prime 4.

PhantomS42505d ago

That too but Bayonetta 3 was announced in 2017 at the game awards so we are going on three years of absolutely nothing.

Concertoine505d ago

We got an update on Prime 4 letting us know it switched to Retro.

With bayo 3, theres only been a few mentions since 2017. Inaba mentioned that they were taking a new approach to development.

gamer7804505d ago

yah was pretty disappointed with the show though, no Metroid or Bayonetta 3... MUA3 did look better this time though.

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