When did Cliffy B-come newsworthy?

Sarcastic Gamer writes:

"Cliffy B. (oh yeah, I'm "that guy" that'll always call people by their worst nicknames ever; including Puff Daddy, The Artist Formerly Known As Prince, and Dennis "The Worm" Rodman) thinks Cinnamon Life has too much cinnamon flavor. Cliffy B. thinks Wintergreen Breathsavers are better than Wintergreen Lifesavers. Cliffy B. thinks Noble Firs are the undisputed best Christmas tree you can get. One thing I want to know though is when in the hell did people start caring about what Cliffy B. thinks about stuff? I mean really, how does that related to anything remotely interesting? Should I start posting articles on my mailman's thoughts on organically grown legumes?" -continues

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NBA09TheInsideFlop4047d ago

all i care about is the AAA games they provide to me exclusively on the xbox 360. i dont care what this tosser does or thinks about anything beyond that.

topdownshooter4047d ago

I agree,A very "self" person.needs braces too!lolz

yaboi4047d ago

he is a hollywood superstar. haha
well as long as he keeps making gears and good games
i guess he is alright

Bnet3434047d ago

Cliffy B, pretty cool dude IMO. He's a talented game designer. Cares about games and gamers and listens to the fans. I think those are very good qualities of a game developer.

n4gzz4047d ago

this guy will learn his lession very hard way someday.

robotnik4047d ago

I think Cliff Blazingzsky is a pretty cool guy. Eh kills aliens and doesn't afraid of anything.

Bob Dole4047d ago

Who's this Cliffy fellar?

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Mr Fancy Pants4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

since he made a very popular game called Gears of Wars.... the same happened with David Jaffe and God of War. and both of them like to make very unusual comments like when David said that "Sara Palin is a milf" and that "it was a mistake of sony to put blu-ray in the PS3". <--- here's the link before fanboys start to disagree.

this article is just more flamebait! isn't this article suppose to be sarcastic? because they fail at it.

cmrbe4047d ago

Twisted metal is the other. GOW is considered by many as the greatest PS2 game which is a great feat.

I respect Cliffy as a game dev but personally i think he acts and talks like a teenager that idolize guys like Marcus fenix because they are so macho and badass in his opinion.

comm134047d ago

lol he made it all by himself eh? Hard working douchebag he is.

dericb114047d ago

Gears of War design is based off of Killswitch. Killswitch is a PS2 game and not only that the guy who came up with the concept for it worked on Gears of War. So how did Cliff really make this game? He didn't he just redid the controls and did some changes. Giving Cliff complete credit is wrong on some many levels.

pp4047d ago

I never saw anyone complaining about Hideo Kojima and his a even bigger twat.

edwardcrisel4047d ago

well its the only 360 game this year

PirateThom4047d ago

Even if Kojima is up himself, he has good reason to be. Clifford has, so far, made a 3D version of Contra, while Kojima invented the stealth action genre.

LGFreedom4047d ago

You might want to:

(a) RTFA
(b) look up Sarcastic

(c) post a response that takes issue or debunks a single thing said. I agreed with it. Dude's apoinoin of mirror's edge matters to me about as much as you opinion of me.

nuff said.

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The story is too old to be commented.