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E3 2019: Gears 5 Escape Impressions - Gears 5's new multiplayer mode, Escape, was showcased by Microsoft at E3. Could this be game of the show?

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HeyHeyHeyGaming4d ago

Game looks really good. Hope that it’s not as grindy as 4 felt

nibblo4d ago

Super looking forward to this game, hope it lives up to the hype.

Livingthedream4d ago

You get a great campaign with tons of multiplayer options its going to be amazing.

TK-663d ago

I hope they support it like they did 4. Just give it enhancements so that it runs extremely well on Scarlet and let The Coalition make something new while supporting Gears 5 for something like 5+ years. If they want to work on a spin-off game like Gears Tactics thats cool but I'd like Gears 5 to have a long life.