We got up close and personal with the new Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 | Windows Central

Microsoft unveiled the new Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 at E3 2019, and we managed to get up close for a more intimate look.

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OldGuyStillGaming1574d ago

From what I seen during the presentation and reading the article it seems like it has nice upgrades from previous version but I don’t see myself buying another elite controller unless the one I have breaks
I had it for over two years and no issues
It gets used just about every day

Parasidious1574d ago

Glad that when I do use a controller, I play claw. Makes these elite/scuf controllers useless for me.

Fluttershy771574d ago

Is not about how many consoles you sell, but how many controls you make

ZeekQuattro1574d ago

With Microsoft it sure seems like it. They are all about highlighting new peripherals. Lol

Kaze241574d ago

Was thinking of buying the elite before E3 but glad I waited, will be waiting some more for series 2.


Reaction: Xbox Needs A New, Reliable Competitor For PS5's 'DualSense Edge'

The arrival of PlayStation's equivalent controller has got us thinking that it's about time we started to hear about an 'Xbox Elite 3 Controller' from Microsoft. While we certainly have a feature list that we'd love to see implemented, we primarily want Xbox to focus on two main improvements.

The first one is pretty obvious, an Elite 3 should (and would, you'd think) be built around the Xbox Series X|S pad. After a couple of years we're now fully adjusted to any subtle differences the new controller offers — like a slightly slimmer build and the prominent share button — so we're more than ready for a DualSense Edge competitor that's properly 'next-gen'.

However, the second key focus has to be around properly fixing all of the issues we saw with the Elite 1 and 2 controllers. Yes, these are more complex devices than normal gamepads, and yes the DualSense Edge is yet to stand up to the test of time, but the simple fact is these things should be very reliable given the prices we're being charged for them.

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SullysCigar251d ago

It's about time for Elite 3 anyway, but you've got to be thinking the praise DualSense Edge is getting will force their hand.

Flawlessmic251d ago (Edited 251d ago )

An elite 3 is definnatly coming at some point.

It seems the edge is an amazing controller with one shortfall of a very bad battery.

If Ms can find the middle ground and improve on the elite 2 while maintaining great battery life that will take it over the edge.

Neither is for me though, way to expensive for an uncompetitive gamer who mostly plays sp games anyway

darthv72251d ago

the only praise worthy thing about the edge is the removable analog sticks. Other than that it is a DS5 with back buttons but with higher price and shorter battery life.

SullysCigar251d ago

Lol c'mon darthv72, let's be a bit more honest here. If you actually read the reviews there are more differences than that - adjustable trigger tensioners for starters.

As for the battery life, if you're a competitive gamer and you're willing to shell out $200+ for a controller, you're not playing wirelessly. You're doing whatever you can to gain a competitive advantage - and that means minimising input lag, which in turn means you play wired. The same goes for any controller.

VenomUK251d ago

@darthv72 When you've got a dedicated Xbox website effectively praising the PlayStation DualSense Edge premium controller and yet you are downplaying its merits then perhaps it's time to ask 'am I being disproportionately critical?'

darthv72251d ago

@sully, i am being honest. The replaceable analog sticks are a praise worthy feature. The back buttons and trigger sensitivity switches are all just PS take on the XB elite controller.

@venom, they can like it all they want, it doesnt change my view on the subject. Im not downplaying anything, just telling it like it is. Just as the elite is a higher priced XB controller with back buttons... so is this.

Sonic1881251d ago (Edited 251d ago )

The Elite 3 would probably be close to the same price if they add the same features like the Dualsense Edge controller. It would also have a shorter battery life as well if they add similar features like the dualsense edge. Just saying

StarkR3ality251d ago

The edge is 4 hours. The elite series 2 is 40 hours. A touchpad and some fancy triggers does not equate to a 90% decrease in battery.

Babadook7251d ago (Edited 251d ago )


Let’s not make a mountain out of a molehill. The dual sense edge should last around 12 hours.

Sonic1881251d ago (Edited 251d ago )

It's actually 6 to 8 hours

StarkR3ality251d ago

No reviews have said it's 4 hours. I'm sure it's a great controller but don't fudge the figures, it's worse than the dualsense.

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DarXyde251d ago (Edited 251d ago )

So in other words, you're saying that Xbox gamers will have to....

..... Wait for E3. 😎

Don't @ me, I don't live here.

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crazyCoconuts251d ago

Reliability is the most important thing to improve, but how do you market that without admitting you have a quality issue? Outside of that either swapable thumbsticks or that magnetic no-contact switch thumbstick design that ppl have been talking about would be good

SierraGuy251d ago

I don't understand why laser tracked thumbsticks aren't a thing yet.

lonewolf10251d ago

Odd about the quality issues with the Elites, I'm using the red Gears of War controller and have done since it released way back when with no issues (well apart from me breaking the shoulder button rocker by dropping it, easily replaced though thank god).

StarkR3ality251d ago

Yeah the OG Xbox one controller was super reliable for me, Elite series 2 I've had replaced twice. It's the crappy shoulder buttons that always go for me, terrible design. Stick drift I've never had any issues with at all.

Pickledpepper251d ago

I've haven't had any issues with my elite 2 either. The controller is awesome and yes I prefer it over my ps5 controller.
I might just be me or it could be fanboys just don't want to admit it but the adaptive triggers on the ps5 controller are annoying more than anything and I don't find they add any depth to a game at all, after a while you don't even realise they are doing anything anyway.
HZD 2 when you use your staff to open the doors and the triggers get a little stiff and that's it!

crazyCoconuts251d ago

it gets stiff when you use your staff to open doors?

StarkR3ality251d ago (Edited 251d ago )

I actually like the PS5 adaptive triggers depending on the implementation (mainly first party titles). I think overall the Edge will be the better controller but the reviews I've watched have put the battery life as worse than the dualsense at about 4 hours, the series 2 is 40 hours and I refuse to believe that adaptive triggers and rumble means 10x less battery. That really isn't good enough, but if it's more reliable than the elite series, then maybe the less battery life will be worth it to some people.

Costs way too much though, considering that the series 2 was £170 at launch (can be found at £140 new ATM) it's way overpriced at £210. Baring in mind the series 2 comes with more customisable hardware, the same if not more software features and something I really like but it's not essential, the magnetic wireless charger. But if the dualsense edge is more reliable which I assume it will be for the price, it might be worth once the price comes down.

deadfrag251d ago (Edited 251d ago )

You can turn off the adaptive feature!

Destiny1080251d ago (Edited 251d ago )

without next-gen features, its going to look really silly next to the edge controller

your best bet is for sony to release a set of xbox drivers for the edge controller