E3 2019: Sony vindicated with no-show as Microsoft slips up

From PSU: "The dust has now settled from Microsoft’s anticipated E3 2019 showcase, and while there were fleeting glimpses of something great, it’s safe to say that Sony’s absence from this year’s show has been vindicated.

Billed as Microsoft’s time to lay down a marker ahead of the launch of a new generation of consoles, the two-hour conference felt more like a surface level stopgap showing a company that was wary of overcommitting itself; all too conscious of this transitional phase in gaming but at the same time cognisant of the opportunity that lay before them. Simply put, though a relatively solid conference, it wasn’t what was needed."

tekiz4d ago

You know PlayStation is going to win next gen when they can win E3 by not showing up.

sixthelement4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

You think Playstation won E3? If so then they already won the next-gen when they can impress any fool without even being present.

gamingunited4d ago

Your poor grammar makes it hard to even understand what your trying to say.

They didn't need to be at E3 to be the first to reveal details of the new consoles or tell us the launch date of Death Stranding. And one of the biggest games of E3 FFVII is a PlayStation exclusive even though they weren't at E3.

sixthelement3d ago

Lol death stranding and details of the next Sony console meant they didn't need to be at E3? Sure!

TK-663d ago


So two games is all they needed? Why couldn't someone just turn around and say MS won because Halo, Gears, Ori and Bleeding Edge? Or say Nintendo won because of Luigi's Mansion, Astral Chain, Animal Crossing, Zelda 2 remake and Botw 2?

Fanboyism is one hell of a drug.

trooper_3d ago

Of course they did. They didn’t even show up and Microsoft still managed to screw up.

The Wood3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

'Why couldn't someone just turn around and say MS won because Halo, Gears, Ori and Bleeding Edge?'

Because virtually nobody did.

Nintendo on the other hand did. In the ps vs xb battle ms missed a great opportunity to wow with their own but ended up wowing with other multiplats. How many surprises were there ignoring the leaks. I'm not saying Sony won e3 just that they were quite savvy to skip it if we assume they'll show things at the upcoming smaller events including their own.

leejohnson2223d ago

It's about the strategy of saving millions on the cost of E3 and still show a long death stranding trailer and ps5 specs. MS had a mediocre showing and didn't capitalise on the free pass they had. It just shows not being at E3 didn't hurt them and Microsoft didn't take any advantage at all. They are fully focused on service models and mid tier game pass titles.

Ju3d ago

MS had no exclusive new blockbuster, not a single game play on stage. That was really a shame. If I'd want videos they could do a Sony "Days of Play" video session and loop what they did at the show. A fraction cheaper and gets the same audience.

AshleeEmerson3d ago


*you're not your

I'm sure you could understand him perfectly fine.

KickSpinFilter3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

1: BC from the start of a console generation instead of four years in.
2 PSVR support on PS5
3: A list of highly rated exclusives this generation give fairly good trust in soon to be released exclusives Dreams, Death Standing, TLOU2, Ghosts of T. Unlike XB1 and the end of life 360 where we did not see many exclusives, etc.
At first I thought Sony may not wanna skip E3 but after MS fobbed the ball in the end zone all by themselves. Sony made the right more. E3 was too soon in the year for PS5 showing. PSX in December will be much closer to release of PS5 in 2020 and makes more sense to show next gen games unlike MS while good flatlined E3. An article with Wired and Death Stranding game play was enough to diminish XB conference. Smart but risky move that paid off not going to E3.
The biggest news at MS E3 was Cyberpunk and that is muti-plat!!!

CorndogBurglar3d ago


This is why you shouldn't talk trash about people's grammar on the internet. In the same comment you made fun of his grammar you used the wrong form of you're and you forgot a comma.

Ulf3d ago

They did win all the fools over, it's true. Just like in 2005/2006.

krauley3d ago

honestly when microsoft announces a new console and then says console sales doesnt matter its got to make you wonder....

I only buy sony hardware and games for sony hardware and dont really care what happens on the other consoles (more power to them) but you got to wonder why xbox's main guys are saying what they say sometimes.

Michiel19892d ago

this will be a big blow to you, prepare your tissues, but its only a timed exclusive.

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gamer78043d ago

exactly, you know if is saying it, its gotta be true!

leejohnson2223d ago

Some xb guys with sandy vaginas
For some reason? Mediocre showing at e3

StormSnooper3d ago

To be fair this E3 was touted to be MS’s moment to shine, I don’t think anyone can claim they did that. So, the article is not far off.

TK-663d ago

I don't see how they won E3.

shaggy23033d ago

Hhhmmm a pro Playstion article from a playstation website?

I've never seen such a thing.

Using their logic I won the most recent 100m final at the Olympics, I wasnt there but hey, apparently companies can win things they dont even attend.


Bro you won the 100m final? Congrats! 😂


Switch has a 35 million unit lead for Gen 9 and Nintendo just gave us the E3 conference of a lifetime. No disrespect to Sony as I know they're going HAM with PS5 and PSVR 2.0....but saying they won E3 when they had no presence is simply delusional thinking.

Nintendo is in the driver's seat at the moment. That's a fact.

Ju3d ago

People in that market care, others don't.

shuvam093d ago

C'mon now...
Sony didn't show up at E3 for the same reason MS didn't show much from their game studios...
Both are busy prepping for next gen...
This gen is on it's last legs now...

343_Guilty_Spark3d ago

What is the metric for winning?

How many boxes were sold?

StormSnooper3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

I think most people are more interested in the next PlayStation. Personally, I’m getting one on day one. For Xbox I can wait, I need to see if they bring games after the initial release period. So maybe up to one year after release I’ll make a decision if it’s worth getting one or not.

SierraGuy3d ago

Imagine they did show up?

Classy of PS to not totally embarass Xbox.

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StrengthInNumbers4d ago

first it was pushsquare, now it's psu. hmmm.

leejohnson2223d ago

In other articles Phil Spenser says it does not matter how many consoles you sell. Yet it did in the 360 gen.
Laughable, the guy is worse than a politician and people still fall for it

The Wood3d ago

Swerve king. . .from the misdirection of sp impact to units sold not mattering. . . What next. . .'exclusives don't matter'

343_Guilty_Spark3d ago


That was 15 years ago. The market is not the same.

Atomicjuicer3d ago

Playing it too safe after they got whupped last gen. Pity but it was a salvageable effort.

Makes me wonder about how new games will be announced going forward. I’ll miss the event aspect but I think the surprise element (huge game announced and released at the same time) will be fun.

With all the leaks these days it’s easier to stay away from events. The risk is that the audience may not be prepared (cash wise and emotionally) for what may come.

Moe-Gunz3d ago

I’m pretty sure PS3 still ended up beating 360.

Atomicjuicer3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

I meant the gen just gone not 360 era (which MS ruled)

Xbox one / PS4 is about to become last gen. Sorry for confusion. We’ve already had 1X/Pro and MS & Sony just announced Scarlett and PS5.

343_Guilty_Spark3d ago

The gen was already over and Xbox 360 software sales far outpaced PS3.

IRetrouk2d ago

Atomic and guilty, sorry but you are both wrong, the 360 didnt rule anything, it had less consoles sold, a higher failure rate and less games sold than any playstation you care to pick.

thexmanone3d ago

Sony don`t care about gamers, Only saving money by not showing up at E3

Nacho_Z3d ago

Your comment history is funny, literally nothing else to say other than trash talk about Sony.

thexmanone3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Do you have a problem with me not liking Sony?

-Foxtrot3d ago

Don’t care about gamers? That’s a joke right?

The Wood3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Phil has got these guys thinking backwards. Get a substantial about more quality games consistently than main rival = don't care about gamers. . . . Bizarro . . You just couldn't make this up.

rainslacker3d ago

They dont care about xbox gamers. Xbox gamers have a hard time realizing they aren't the only ones that matter.

trooper_3d ago

Looool, Sony don’t care about gamers?

You’re a funny one.

The Wood3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Saving money to give their fans and steal more xbox fans with actual games of higher quality, variety and on a much more consistent basis from triple a to indies and vr. . . Yeah, for you guys the promise is more important than actually playing quality.

Hardiman3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

See I'd rather have them show how much they care by FUNDING games NOONE else seems to be capable of funding, instead of just showing up at a show!

As for saving money not sure why it's bad to pull off such a savvy move but again they spend more money of games development than anyone else!

TheSaint2d ago

"Sony don't care about gamers" being as dedicated to MS as you are is not healthy. Lying to try to make a failed point is pretty sad.

Chevalier1d 20h ago

" Do you have a problem with me not liking Sony?"

Nah is it a problem people think your an idiot?

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_LarZen_3d ago

Hehe, what a load of horse s**t :D