Fable wasn't at E3, but Microsoft has 'a lot of great stuff waiting in the wings'

We'll have to wait to confirm the rumours.

Codedan1575d ago

Why would you unload everything going into the year before the new consoles? If you already lost the generation why not prepare everything for the new systems.

sprinterboy1575d ago

I think xbox gamers main concerns are ms never unloading anything, never mind unload it all?

Livingthedream1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

With all the newly acquired studios it only makes sense that they're all working on bee things that weren't announced, people with common sense should be able see that much. Ninja theory went on to say there's more things they're working on as well. So I'm inclined to believe more is to come,and they're keeping current games alive with constant updates, the support for SOD2, SOT, FORZA, he'll even HALO and gears this far in is amazing

yomfweeee1575d ago

You can make that argument, but maybe they shouldn't have had a press conference and bragged so much about it beforehand. Most games ever! (mostly third party) Longest ever! It was a major let down.

They had nothing last year either. They abandoned 360 prematurely and they're doing the same thing. They just released a console less than 2 years ago, so if they're holding back for next-gen... that's messed up.

bluefox7551575d ago

The point is, they never actually deliver on their promises.

343_Guilty_Spark1575d ago

It was the most games ever for their conference...they showed what 60 games. Yes many were multiplatform, or timed or indies but they gave time to those games. And it makes sense. Why show all the Scarlett games now?

rainslacker1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

Maybe to provide for those that brought the console?

MS wants people to buy their next console, it'd maybe be good to make their current customers want to feel confident that they'd not just get a repeat of this gen. MS has made promises all gen, and why would one believe they're going to do better, when they've been saying how they're going to do that all gen, only to push it to next gen.

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sixthelement1575d ago

They bought all those studios just for lols.

Livingthedream1575d ago

People act like Sony shows tons of games, we're still on ghost of tsushima, death stranding and waiting on last of us 2 doesnt mean Sony isn't working on new things lol

darthv721575d ago

I wasn't expecting it to be there so I wasn't disappointed by it's omission. Everyone has their own personal hype meter and if you were disappointed then its because you put it in that hype meter. Nobody did that for you.

sixthelement1575d ago

You think this guy actually cares about xbox games?

sprinterboy1574d ago (Edited 1574d ago )

I'm 43 and don't hype anything anymore but Keanu Reeves being the highlight over games says it all really.
I agree about not showing nxt gen games sure but Come on, no gameplay of gears 5/halo in fact no gameplay for most of the games shown.
Honest question, who do think gonna be buying xbox one s/x over the nxt 18mths? Until nxt gen release. I'll tell you who, nobody. Xbox sales are already down to average 200,000 a month which will only decrease even more now after that E3 compared to Sony 750,000 a month in sales and nintendo close to 1million every month.

343_Guilty_Spark1575d ago

There about to be a new gen next Holiday. Is Sony showing PS5 games? Playground just started working on this game last year.

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lelo2play1575d ago

Same excuses over and over by Microsoft... people are getting fed up with so many excuses.
Another average E3 by Microsoft.

sprinterboy1574d ago

Well MS have 1 last E3 left b4 nxt gen, if they fail that one (AGAIN) , it's another disastrous generation all over again.
They need 15 minute gameplay stage demos of all the AAA 1st party studios games that are ready in 2years, a handful of the top tier indie titles and show off some of the best 3rd party games.
Use a games montage for cod, fifa, battlefield (more of the same) then finish with a OMFG game which makes us all go shit I hate MS but that looks so good all is forgiven lol. (don't think that's gonna happen though) clear MS is services now, basically make more money with the eco system of gamepass and streaming service rather than spend 50m plus on risky AAA 1st party games.
Don't get me wrong from a business point of view, it'll make shit tonn of cash but from a gamer point of view not so great.
As I personally see it from my gaming choices next gen, I'm gonna be ps5 Day1(exclusives, indie and 3rd party) pick up a switch PRO (yes it's coming nxt year) and use gamepass 1 or 2 months of the year (hopefully some decent exclusives) and also use stadia when one of there exclusives I'm interested in drops, complete game and cancel, psvr 2.0 and the nxt version of oculus quest 2.0 vr

NovusTerminus1575d ago

This entire E3 feels like it's just stalling for next gen.

There have been some great showings of games, and a few I plan to get but nothing major was announced because no hardware was formally unveiled.

SamPao1575d ago

you mean their entire gen? ^^

MasterCornholio1575d ago

It's pretty obvious that Microsoft and Sony will have an event for the new systems. E3 will probably be used to give out a release date and price for the systems as well as show off the launch titles.

sprinterboy1574d ago

Agreed, I literally have ds, tlou pt2, cyberpunk, control, doom, wolfeinstein, jedi fallen order and 1 or 2 others until nxt gen.
My main priority atm is getting the right 4ktv and dolby atmos (gonna wait till ps5 release b4 getting it though)

Antnee5341575d ago

With the last 7 years xbox has not put out one good game. So i would expect that will just stay the same going forward.

Kribwalker1575d ago

lol not a single good game? Not even the highest rated exclusive FPS? Or the highest rated exclusive racer? then topped that with an even higher rated exclusive sequel? Or one of the best platformers this gen (ori)?

but no, not a single good game. Got it

Antnee5341575d ago

They are just plain experiences that have no heart or soul to them at all. Gears and hall are just your run of the mill shooters. Forza is just another racer that after the first race is already another bland racing game. Then... thats all they make right? Oh wait no every once in awhile the indies provide them with a game. So i will give them cuphead and ori thats all they made thats good in 7 years on xbox... not a good sign

Brazz1575d ago

To be fair, 2015 was a great show full of promises, but the end results.... damn, almost half the games dead, no scalebound, no fable, no phantom dust, the end of project spark... xbox realy need to improve next gen.