Where Was PlatinumGames' Babylon's Fall At E3 2019?

Babylon's Fall is due out sometime this year, but has been AWOL since E3 2018.

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Giraiga136d ago

I'm worried this could suffer the same fate as Left Alive.

ZeekQuattro5d ago

Will most likely be delayed. I love Platinum Games but they are clearly spreading themselves too thin. Bayo 3 another project of theirs was also a no show this year's E3.

Blu3_Berry5d ago

I was sad we didn't get to see it. They probably have alot on their plate with Bayonetta 3 and Astral Chain probably taking priority. I trust them though, they did amazing with Nier Automata so I'm sure Square Enix is giving them the time necessary for them.