Final Fantasy VIII Remastered new features detailed, comparison screenshots

Square Enix announced Final Fantasy VIII Remastered earlier tonight. We now have a little bit of information as to what’s new. First, the game can be sped up by 3x in 3x speed mode (excluding movies).

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FallenAngel19841870d ago

I wish Crisis Core would get remastered

FBNS1869d ago

Never going to happen unless they completely removed gackt from the game... But that's never going to happen because he's a main plot point... This is why we don't license Superstars likenesses for games

djl34851869d ago

Just replace the character.

KaaF1870d ago

Skippable summon animation would be nice.

JokerBoy4221870d ago

Itd defeat the purpose of the "Boost" ability though.

Wintersun6161870d ago

Not really, time saved vs more damage. It would make me use summons again. After playing the game for at least over 5 times, I didn't use the summons anymore because I was tired of watching the animations. I wouldn't mind not getting full possible damage.

rainslacker1870d ago

I always sucked at boost so I wouldn't miss it.

KaaF1870d ago

I don't, watching the same animation over and over is sickening.

pietro12121870d ago

Better get use to not summoning

Gardenia1870d ago

Just keep 1 or 2 on low health and you have unlimited Limit Breaks, no need for summons. In FFVIII you can abuse the system and get OP insanely fast if you know how it works. Drawing magic was always a pain in the ass, until you figured out how to get all magic through item refining.

FBNS1869d ago

But you never need to use summons the entire game... They're a waste of time really.... Not when all you need to do is draw the right magic to boost your strength through the roof and fight as little as possible... All the enemies level with you... So no point in leveling... Just draw and abuse until finish...

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Acecalibur1870d ago

The most underrated finally getting its due

rainslacker1869d ago

I hope 9 is next. I think it's the best of the PS1 era. But, FF8 does tend to get overlooked as well. Both have plenty of fans either way though.

JunMei1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

IX was already remastered. The remastered version is the one available on current gen consoles and PC. However, if you have it on PC, there is a mod that has AI enhanced backgrounds. It looks QUITE incredible. Best thing is, even if you have a crappy old laptop it'll run just fine. Just grab your favorite controller, plug the HDMI into the TV/receiver and then you're golden!

rainslacker1869d ago

Isn't that just a port of the PC version, like the original 7 and 8?

FBNS1869d ago

Ff9 is the most underrated... Ff8 is the most overrated

Zenbaby3691869d ago

Uh, backwards... Everyone and their dog thinks 9 is the best thing since sliced bread. Sadly that bread is gross, and 8 really is overlooked because everyone is/was so stuck on 7.

JokerBoy4221870d ago

Stoked for this with all the bonus cheats. Hopefully it'll make the weird leveling system more enjoyable.

Michiel19891870d ago

Leveling was the same as in any other final fantasy, you gain exp you level up.
I think you refer to the junction system, but are you implying they should change the most unique thing about this game? No, thank you.

When they first announced it I was a bit skeptical, but now that I look at the screenshots im pretty pleased with how it looks. Feels a bit weird buying this game for the 6th time, but what can a ps1 FF addict do? :(

Kurisu1870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

No, levelling in FFVIII is different in the sense that monsters level up with you. I think that's what Joker was referring to.

Michiel19891870d ago

that's not what I call leveling, but yes the world does scale along.with the player
I don't really mind if they add changes for systems some people have problems with or don't like, as long as I can play it as it was so many years back with updated graphics (and 3x speed for drawing).

JokerBoy4221869d ago

FF8 made leveling pointless as enemies leveled with you. They actually added abilities to stop you from leveling up and in staying lower leveled made the game way easier. You could still junction high magic to stats and fight low level enemies. That was the whole point in farming for exp in other FF games, so you could get the upper hand on enemies. I'm saying with the new ability to basically run a "God Mode" you wont have to worry about leveling or not and just enjoy the story.

Uglyday1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

In the PC version you optionally start with a stock of 99 of most minor and medium tier spells to junction for stats so you are overpowered right off the bat if you want to be.

MadLad1870d ago

Not the biggest fan of the series. Only got into 6,7, 9, 12 (favorite of the series) and the tactics titles.
Heard good things about 8, but never tried it. Seems a good reason to give it a try.

Nerdmaster1869d ago

Just don't expect the plot to make much sense...

JokerBoy4221869d ago

The plot is fucked but entertaining and it's very much like Inception in some ways.