Microsoft Aiming for a First-Party Xbox Game About Every Three Months

Matt Booty, head of Microsoft's Xbox Game Studios, has said that his team is aiming to release a first-party Xbox game about every three months.

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Jin_Sakai538d ago (Edited 538d ago )

They can barely push out one decent AAA game a year as it is. Now they’re aiming for 4 first party games a year? Crazy.

Servbot41538d ago

What do you mean, you don't love absolute classics like Sea of Thieves, State of Decay 2 and Crackdown 3? Well I never!

Zeref538d ago (Edited 538d ago )

Say what you want but Sea of Thieves and State of Decay 2 still has a healthy community in the millions. People love those games.

Only exception is Crackdown 3 thats dead

jukins538d ago

@zeref in the millions? Where'd you pull that one from

AspiringProGenji538d ago (Edited 538d ago )

I can understand SoT because it is making a comeback, but SoD2? That game fell off the radar fast and it’d br lucky to still have 100k players lol

conanlifts538d ago (Edited 538d ago )

I really enjoyed state of decay 2. Genuinely one of my favourite games this gen on either platform. I hated the other 2 games though and cd3 was so out dated I don't understand how they even released it.

BLow538d ago


How many people again?

Where is State of Decay? Where did you get your numbers from? So your saying that State of Decay has millions of players yet it's not on the top 49 of Xbox Live most played? What about SoT in the 30s? That has millions too? I swear you fanboys are delusional. No wonder things are the way they are with Xbox. All y'all do is defend, deflect, and turn a blind eye.

Good day to you. Btw, no disagree for me. What's the point really lol....

Livingthedream538d ago

@jukins he's actually right very healthy community with these games. Would be interesting to see how many people are still playing horizon zero Dawn, Detroit become human and all those single player games on ps. It's highly plausible that these Xbox games have more activity, not counting Forza horizon which is still booming.

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rainslacker538d ago

First party doesn't mean AAA games that people get most excited about.

MS can push out 4 games a year, they just only usually do about one AAA game a year for the past few years, and last year, it was Forza. This year it'll be gears, and next year, it's looking to be Halo.

Since they brought mostly mid-tier studios, I'd expect they will be releasing mid-tier games mostly. They might get up to 2 AAA games a year with the purhcase of Obsidian, Playground, and the creation of their new studio. That puts them as having 6 AAA tier studios with their current studios....three of which are known to make Halo, Gears, and Forza.

Automatic79538d ago

343 Triple AAA
The Coalition Triple AAA
Turn 10 Triple AAA
Rare Triple AAA
Playground Triple AAA
Ninja Theory Triple AAA
Obsidian Triple AAA
The Initiative Triple AAA
Compulsion Double AA
Undead Labs Double AA
InExile double AA
Double Fine Double AA
Mojang Double AA
Microsoft GP Double AA Triple AAA
Age of Empires Triple AAA

I see a balance which is good for diverse games.

rainslacker538d ago (Edited 538d ago ) just list all their studios and say they're all AAA or AA? AA is mid-tier to me. I'm not trying to make up new classifications for gaming to make anyone look better. 343, The Coalition, Turn 10, PlayGround, Obsidian, The Initiative(presumedly), and inXile are their AAA studios. Rare hasn't released a AAA game in God knows how long. NT is capable, but their next game isn't AAA. Age of Empires isn't a studio, and isn't that just a remaster?

I was wrong thought, that actually is 7 AAA studios. 2 of which have games releasing on PS platforms for their next games.

timotim538d ago

One of the things that I love about what Microsoft is doing since acquiring those studios and empowering those studios to do, is invest back into themselves! Damn near every studio Microsoft currently has, has been investing in new talent to improve the games that they are able to produce. Playground, 343, Rare, Obsidian, InXile etc...they have all been pulling big talent from well known studios.

You want to classify these studios based off how they WERE as independent and struggling in some cases, yet you fail to understand that they are GROWING and improving their abilities. All these studios have produced great games in the past...Microsoft is now investing into them for the future and talent is being hired. The potential for these studios under Microsoft and higher budgets are sure to yield great fruits. Only a fanboy would call them "mid-tier". We just found out that the composer of Halo Infinite is the same guy that did the soundtracks for Spiderman, Uncharted and God of War...

rainslacker538d ago (Edited 538d ago )

I can't base them on anything other than what they were, because I haven't seen what they will become beyond my own speculation. MS is showing a lot, and I mean a lot, of mid-tier titles, which is fine, but they aren't showing a large number of AAA titles, so until MS proves that they are investing in a much larger number of AAA titles than they have so far, I have nothing to base any other assumption on.

Realistically speaking, NT does have the capacity for AAA games. They've released some in the past. But they are mostly mid-tier titles, and their next game is what I'd classify as mid-tier. I believe Playground has the potential to deliver a great AAA game, because they took a yearly franchise, adapted it to a different play style, and constantly improved on it. Oblivian and inXile have a history which shows potential to make AAA games. The Initiative is a new studio, which is being staffed to create AAA games.

But, when I look at some of the other studios in that list, regardless of how good or bad their games may be, they aren't known for making high profile AAA games. If one had asked me if Naughty Dog would be making high end AAA games, much less top of their class ones, when Sony brought them, I'd say no. They had a reputation from some bad games, to some good ones, all within what I would consider mid-tier for their time. But, they were given the resources to become AAA, and they've been delivering ever since.

IF MS does this, then that's great, but I'm not going to give credit before it's due. Especially to MS, who has failed in so many ways to prove they are worth having any kind of faith in. If you disagree, that's fine, but that's just my perspective on it, and the response of just listing off all their studios doesn't change the fact that what they brought into isn't capable of delivering 4 AAA games a year as the OP posited. Sony rarely even hits that mark, and 2-3 is more the norm, with mid-tiers to bolster the numbers.

Mid-tier isn't a dirty word, or a bad thing. But I was first responding to the OP, who put forth that MS was talking about AAA games, instead of just games in general.

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badz149538d ago

when will MS learn that "talk is cheap"?

itsmebryan538d ago

They have more studios now. It won't be as hard as it was in the past. Stop being a Debbie Downer.☹️

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BlackIceJoe538d ago

If this was true Microsoft would have announced they bought more than just one new developer in Double Fine at E3. I'd say MS Needs at least four more game studios. If they bought a publisher like Capcom or ZeniMax then that would work too. Another idea would be if The Coalition and 343 could work on two games instead of just one with Gears of War and Halo.

FallenAngel1984538d ago

Make sure the quality content is there Booty. There’s nothing worse than going on a long period of time without a First party title and the next one is underwhelming

yarbie1000538d ago ShowReplies(1)
ravens52538d ago

Nice, I hope this happens. Then I can get a scarlett and my ps5

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