Astro Boy Flick Getting A Video Game Tie-In

About one year from now Imagi Studios will bring Astro Boy to movie theaters everywhere. A film this iconic and child friendly is destined to have a video game tie-in, but who's going to handle it? D3 Publisher, that's who.

In some circles D3 is synonymous with wacky budget games and maybe even shojo, but D3 Publisher USA has been snapping up kid friendly licenses right and left. They made many deals with Cartoon Network and are also working on games based on Shaun the Sheep and Coraline. Astro Boy is their latest license acquisition, but we won't see the game until Q4 2009 when the movie comes out in theaters. No platforms for Astro Boy have been announced, but don't be surprised to see Astro Boy to appear everywhere.

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Narutone663660d ago

But still very popular. Hope they make a good game out of the franchise. It got lots of potential.

Ilikegames763660d ago

I remember it when I was still very small and it was already considered a classic. Here in Asia it was and still is kinda popular.