AMD Next Horizon Gaming E3 2019

Join AMD President and CEO Dr. Lisa Su as she unveils details about upcoming products and innovations that will shape the future of gaming.

I_am_Batman1632d ago

Alright. Hoping for a deep dive into how Navi's RDNA varies from GCN.

Eonjay1632d ago

Also interested to see how price performance ratio compares to Nvidia's offerings.

Christopher1632d ago

Not sure they'll do a deep dive for the stream. Focus will be on showing games using the tech and not necessarily numbers.

darthv721632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

AMD partnered with Sony to build a custom cpu/gpu chipset for Playstation 5.
AMD partnered with Google to build a custom cpu/gpu chipset for Stadia.
AMD partnered with MS to build a custom cpu/gpu chipset for Xbox Scarlett.

Nintendo went with Nvidia but I'd imagine they would go with AMD for Switch 2 if they could.

porkChop1632d ago

As far as mobile/phone ARM chips go, the best options would be Nvidia and Samsung. So if Nintendo sticks with the hybrid concept, which I hope they will, it's unlikely they'd go with AMD.

SkatterBrain1631d ago

Qualcomm Snapdragon has been pretty up there with the Nvidia Tegra X2 or K2 i forgot all the names, Samsung chips run emulators Horribly i feel sad for the rest of the world that has yo use that one, Snapdragon 845 impressed me,i know the 855s out but i wonder when the next leap in graphics will be with these

XxINFERNUSxX1632d ago

Going to upgrade my 2700x to a 3800x :D Next gen here we come.

XxINFERNUSxX1631d ago

I'm interested in the 5700XT, but I'm using a G-SYNC LCD :/ To bad AMD don't support G-SYNC. I know nVidia supports some Freesync panels though.

xenz1631d ago

Navi and Zen2 looks amazing. It's been 10 years since I've upgraded my computer. After sesong this and their amazing price points I'll easily go for an Zen2 + Navi build this July!

SegaGamer1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

Yeah, but if this turns out to be true, then I will buy an Nvidia card

I_am_Batman1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

I wouldn't call those prices amazing. Looks like AMD is trying to raise those profit margins as long as the competition is being greedy. The performance/$ seems good enough to compete but it's certainly not aggressive enough to really make Nvidia sweat.

NarutoFox1631d ago

I'm sticking with Nvidia for PC even though it's more expensive.

Sophisticated_Chap1631d ago

The 5700XT @ $449.00 USD is pretty good, especially considering it is 10-15% more powerful in running games, over the RTX 2070. The anti-lag and fidelity features are also a big win. I really want to build a new rig right now, but I have to wait for the announcement of their new high end graphics card, which isn't until next February more than likely. I will probably buy a Ryzen 3800x and a motherboard during Boxing Week after Christmas, and then wait for the next AMD GPU announcement after that.

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