Sony's Decision to Skip E3 2019 Is Starting to Look Really Smart

PushSquare: “When will we learn not to criticise Sony too hastily? Our first reaction to the Japanese giant’s decision to skip E3 2019 was one of horror, but we later took a step back and pointed out that the platform holder couldn’t (and probably shouldn’t) be judged until we see how everything transpires. On the basis of this past weekend, the firm has once again proven that it knows best.”

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Jin_Sakai1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

I agree. They got the word out about PS5 and also Death Stranding gameplay with a release date. Much better than sitting through nearly 2 hours of CGI trailers.

naruga1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

also FF VII trailer and date......current consoles slowly walk to their death and their big hit games are starting dwindle ...Sony wisely didnt spent not even a dollar and managed to hype their audience far more than anyone in E3 ..and in someway scaled back the importance of this ultra expensive-little substance show .

bouzebbal1811d ago

That Kaz troll laugh.. I love it.
Some heavy hitters are still coming to PS4, and I think the fact Sony skipped e3 is another great move.
All 1st party studios have switched to PS5, and we'll for sure be getting a massive e3 next year

Saigon1811d ago

Because of that, we are now going to hear how E3 will be revamped to be more inclusive to the gamers and the developers. Not saying they already aren't it just that media will now make a bigger deal about the situation of Sony making the right choice and why does E3 exist again to force the hand of change. This is just a loop that never ends with this conference. No other conference goes through these many highs and lows each year.

_SilverHawk_1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

Sony playstation won e3 .

Unspoken1811d ago Show
Potnoodle9991811d ago

I’m not sure they will ever be at e3 again, it worked for them this year why not every year?

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UltraNova1811d ago

That meme though....haha

kreate1811d ago

I feel like maybe they weren't ready for the E3 so skipped it until they are ready for a proper presentation. I really Sony to not abandon E3.

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mkis0071812d ago

Still cant believe after E3 2016, where sony revealed games like God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn with live gameplay on stage, we are still getting pure cg trailers.

Hardiman1811d ago

I agree and Sony's E3 16 was one of my favorites! Absolutely killer show and really the way it should be done.

Be great if others could at least do that but I also wish others would take a hint and deliver games like PS does.

Nintentional1811d ago

And live flute playing during e3 2018 😂😂

mkis0071811d ago


Personally, the art that goes into games is what makes me love playing single player games. The flute set the mood, and then another gameplay demo followed.

RosweeSon1811d ago

Thing is you know when their presentation would be due in a couple of hours they’ll drop some big guns somewhere Twitter their own websites it’ll happen 2-3 hours time last of us 2 gonna be getting shown off ;)

--bienio--1811d ago

Agree what a boring e3 come on . Big disappointment.

Mystogan1811d ago

Lol please shut up 😂😂😂

100_SavAGe1811d ago

Now say that without crying

Nintentional1811d ago

Really smart until Nintendo kills it tomorrow :)

KickSpinFilter1811d ago

Ya last year with the flute, and moving people around to different rooms, and the taking heads while moving people around to the other rooms played awful as a conference. But what you saw in each room for game play was amazing. TLOU2 and Ghosts of T, Spiderman etc

Ceaser98573611811d ago

Jin Sakai
Agree I don't know why the dislikes. because Sony had nothing new to show. So its was a good decision.

FanboySpotter1811d ago

I hope you didn't think halo infinite was cgi. That was straight from the game and confirmed

StoneyYoshi1811d ago

It said "Game engine footage".
Yeah the game could look like that but its definitely gonna be a bit more polished up compared to gameplay. Sony did the same thing with Uncharted 4 back when the ps4 first was announced. It was in-engine, but the full game wasn't identical in the fidelity the original trailer had shown.

I do have high hopes for games to finally look as good as the cutscenes for this new generation so let's hope in game does look as good as whet the had shown us last night.

Kumakai1811d ago

so giving the impression you have nothing new to show is better than showing trailers of new stuff coming... got it. #fanboy logic.

strifeblade1811d ago

I actually think its really stupid. Its better to have some sort of e3 than nothing. Honestly its a tradition. No amount of sony fanboys defending the fact the sony failed to show up is better. Thats downright disrespectful- sony is just comfortable in this position and had nothing to hype

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Christopher1812d ago

I bet opinions would be completely different if they did have a show, though.

Overall, I think there's some rose-tinted viewpoints out there and E3 hasn't changed nor has Sony shown a light on what it is to the gaming community, as it's been a known for the last decade.

The Wood1812d ago

'I bet opinions would be completely different if they did have a show, though.'

You could say that about most things in the gaming industry but you must admit the decision to skip e3 doesn't look so careless now. I think Sony will rely on their own functions or other smaller shows to twist the blade or reveal more info on this gens games and next gens hardware and games.

Shout out to that commenter that kept saying 'see you at e3' how ***** does he feel now. . It's not to offensive to call Microsofts showing as a damp squib is it? I've been restricted for less.

sixthelement1811d ago

Did you watch Sony's E3 last year and how poor it was? The only reason Sony's decision to skip E3 this year being seen as a good thing is because if they did another show this year, it would be even poorer.