Inside Xbox at E3 2019 (S2 Ep4)

We’re coming to you LIVE from E3 with: 🎮 New game announcements 🌍 World premiere trailers 🎊 Big surprises 🙌 And MORE!

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Platformgamer697d ago

hoping to see something about cuphead dlc and a certain bear...

darthv72697d ago

Too Human coming to bc... I liked that game. It still hold up pretty well. and it looks like all the banjo games are getting X enhanced.

Platformgamer697d ago

i was hoping for a new banjo/kazooie game or a remake of the first tbh, i don't care about enchantments...
i already played them on xbox one S with the rare replay, i wanted something new or refreshing.

darthv72697d ago

i know I'm in the minority but I really like the way the new battletoads looks.

Spurg697d ago

It would really piss me off if they have held off some announcement for inside Xbox

Christopher697d ago

It's likely just closer looks and talking to devs. Maybe some hands on gameplay of stuff that was only trailers yesterday.

343_Guilty_Spark697d ago

They've held back for Scarlet. Makes no sense to announce everything now at the end of a gen.

EddieNX 697d ago

Next E3 will be insane no doubt. Sony and MS going head to head for next gen and Nintendo just being Nintendo.

Spurg697d ago

I'm just gonna drop this here but for some reason this wasn't revealed yesterday.
Remedy entertainment are the ones making the single player for crossfireX.

darthv72697d ago

i wish they were making Alan Wake 2 instead.

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