E3 Is Not The Place To Announce Mobile Games

E3 is clearly not the place to announce mobile games, so where should developers be announcing such games?

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Christopher40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Gaming gatekeeping. Only what I think is gaming matters.

Tons of announcements are just filler and even way more are behind the scenes, not on the stage announcements.

Looks, not a fan of mobile games, but even Sony and Microsoft admit that the console market is niche in comparison to the mobile market as far as revenue from sales. E3 is about business, not just 'fandom'. So, missing E3 to announce business things, like the latest and greatest mobile game? Seems like a bad business decision.

Nyxus40d ago

I agree. The audience for mobile games is not the audience watching E3.

Christopher40d ago

But it is the audience of people there to report on those games and for stakeholders who utilize E3 for interest in the games.

People need to remember, the gaming community isn't the primary audience for E3.

rainslacker40d ago

There is some overlap though. Especially in the games which are connected to the console market.

E3 isn't just about console or PC gaming, it's about electronic entertainment. We've grown accustomed to it being mostly about console gaming because of the conferences, but there is more to it than the show floor, and mobile gaming still makes up a big source of revenue for the industry.

I mean, I wouldn't want these companies showing angry birds if it had no relevance to their console or platform, but it's a popular game, even among console gamers. Just because we don't talk about it frequently on places like N4G, doesn't mean there isn't an audience for it.

If you went by what it is we in our communities like, we'd never see things like Destiny or COD again. While some may be fine with that, the millions that do like those kinds of game may feel differently.

It's that notion that makes me more prone to accepting that not every game at a conference is going to appeal to me. but, at the same time, I think a conference shouldn't really focus too much in on one thing, or spend a lot of time talking about things which the audience watching isn't likely to care about how ingenious a mobile game is in it's premise, despite it looking like just another puzzle game with a fancy IP logo slapped on it.

ElementX40d ago

The Electronic Entertainment Expo by definition is for electronic gaming and mobile fits that category, whether or not you actually play mobile games (I do not other than some word puzzles)

-volt-40d ago

There is no place for mobile games anywhere

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