Project Scarlett is going to require an Adaptation Period for Developers

From GameWatcher: "Underneath all the buzzwords and corporate hype, Project Scarlett does indeed look like a promising console. Featuring a powerful processor and graphics card, Scarlett's main feature will, in fact, likely turn out to be its solid-state drive, which may lead to special game developments down the line.

According to Matt Booty, the Head of Microsoft Game Studios, developers may find the inclusion of extremely fast drives to be a particular game changer in regard to end-user experience design."

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Christopher475d ago

Just imagine how much UI designers are going to hate load screen reduction as nowadays it's most of the tutorial of games with any loading screens.

Servbot41475d ago

The tutorials that tell you that R is shoot but don't explain anything actually useful.

Christopher475d ago

Yeah. Just imagine them having to make actually useful tutorials once again... the horror!

(don't know if you knew it, bit of sarcasm in my original post)

mkis007475d ago (Edited 475d ago )

Now that MS has announced the special ssd support (in some form) (either way theoretically 4000mb/s as compared to 100mb/s) maybe we can all be on board with the game innovations due to it?