Gamers Go To Capitol Hill

There were several issues that were on the ballot that will have a direct affect over gamers in the future. Take a look at how the results of the election could change the face of gaming as we know it.

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killyourfm4051d ago

What's interesting to me is...aren't we at a point where the generation gap is starting to close? Most parents my age ARE gamers themselves, and should really be sitting down to play a game with their kids, while of course analyzing it ensure it's appropriate. . .

Bah, personally I'm sick of the ESRB, as you really can't judge a game by it's static rating.

bgrundman4051d ago

You hit the nail on the head. The parents need to understand what their children are playing. Washington doesn't need to raise america's kids

roblef4051d ago

a great point. i do in fact sit and play through the stuff my kids play. i've been on club penguin, played pokemon, and i'm even reading Eragon, since my daughter loved it. i want to be a vital part of my kids' lives, not the distracted dad with the blackberry in the corner at the dance lessons or soccer games.