The big Xbox interview - Project Scarlett, cross-gen Halo Infinite and the lack of Fable

From Eurogamer: "Microsoft kicked off E3 in style today, with a memorable press conference that had Keanu Reeves and a car made out of Lego. Oh, and we finally got a few morsels of information on the next Xbox, codenamed Project Scarlett.

But while the corner was teased off Scarlett's covers, nearly everything else about Microsoft's next box remains under-wraps. We know it will launch Holiday 2020 with Halo Infinite - but we also now know Halo Infinite is a cross-gen game for Xbox One. What about the rest of Scarlett's software line-up, like the long-awaited next Fable? And what does Scarlett having 'four times the power of Xbox One X' really mean?"

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Nyxus478d ago

"Yes, Scarlett will have an optical disc drive. I still have films at home on physical media - not many, but a few of my favourites. We know people have an attachment to buying games on disc, to building a collection."

That's what I wanted to hear.

Obscure_Observer478d ago

Crow is served for those that though that the Scarlett would be an all digital console.

Great job, Xbox team!

PhoenixUp478d ago

“We know people have an attachment to buying games on disc, to building a collection.”

Then why even bother releasing the Xbox One SAD rather than just drop the price on your almost 6 year old console?

AAWELLS09478d ago

To give people more options. There's nothing wrong with having more options on how you wanna play. If it isn't for you then that's ok with them. They're also getting their foot in the "door" for the eventual "mostly" all digital future(waaayyy in the future).

478d ago
UltraNova478d ago

So by removing an option (drive) they gave us...more options?? Got it!

sixthelement478d ago


You obviously don't get it. The option to buy a console without a drive if you only have digital games. You also have the option to buy a console WITH a drive. Think for a second

UltraNova478d ago


When the regular Xb1S can be bought at the same price as a SAD edition (almost everywhere you look) then buying one over the other is non-decision process, you buy the one with the drive even if you don need it because its, wait for it...."optioned" better.

That took me like a 1/10 of a second to think about. Your turn to think for a second.

PS: Its not my fault MS's marketing team sucks A**.

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Zeref478d ago

it will be cheaper than the S soon

Razzer478d ago

It will be on clearance soon.

Obscure_Observer478d ago (Edited 478d ago )


Because having options is always better.

PhoenixUp478d ago

@ AA

How does taking out a feature give you more options? That’s one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard. When you can find so many XO units for cheaper, there’s no reason to get the SAD. It provides nothing that you cant already do on a base unit.

@ Zer

The fact you can already find the base XO S for cheaper just makes the SAD even more pointless.

@ Obscure

How is taking out a feature providing more options? That’s just faulty reasoning.

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TheHan478d ago

That seemed to be a good interview.