Halo Infinite Needs to Be Project Scarlett's The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The Switch proves systems don't sell on specs. They sell on games.

Microsoft does need to remember one important thing about the Switch reveal, however: Breath of the Wild was just one page of the handheld console's success story. The Switch's first year line-up was excellent, period, and featured exclusives like Super Mario Odyssey. Breath of the Wild also garnered tons of social media discourse thanks to its excellent review scores—not to mention it plays very differently from any 3D Zelda game before it, which really piqued everyone's interest.

If Halo Infinite proves to be the only must-have game in the Scarlett's launch window, and if its reception is anything less than "Wow!", people might find something else to spend their money on. The holiday season is filled with temptations vying for gamers time and money.

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Jin_Sakai134d ago

Doubt that’s going to happen. 343i have yet to create a compelling Halo game. Breath of the Wild on the other hand was a masterpiece.

Zeegamereh134d ago (Edited 134d ago )

I wouldn’t doubt it Halo infinite is supposed to be open world and they have some new amazing talented developers working on it people from the last of us god of war etc

Also 343 learned from their mistakes they know what we want and don’t want hence why they changed the art design back to the og Halo art

CaptainCook134d ago

Halo 5 has the best multiplayer experience in the series. The only compelling part in Halo 5 was the story mode

rockwhynot125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

worst* multiplayer experience. Aim down sights? Gtfo CoD.

Also @JIn_Sakai. I know Halo 4 multiplayer turned a lot of people off with its ordnance feature 'n all which felt to many like it was copying CoD's care packages but did you even play its campaigns? Halo 4's core campaign was pretty damn good. On legendary mode its final two missions were very challenging and fun. And Spartan Ops campaign far exceeded the quality of the core campaign and matched the quality and allure of Halo 1's campaign. I mean comon' they even put a crazy ath space ship mission in der!

PhoenixUp134d ago

“Microsoft clearly took an important lesson from Nintendo when the latter launched the Switch.”

Or even the launch of the Wii with how Twilight Princess’s delay meant it could also be a first party cross gen launch title.

Funny to note how GameCube, Wii U & Xbox One had these big flagship titles late into their lifecycles that their respective manufacturer felt would’ve been relatively “wasted” if it released as an exclusive on those platforms so they made those titles cross gen launch titles.

Meanwhile Sony just flooded even the PS3’s last year’s lineup with plenty of first party exclusives. TLOU in particular could’ve been delayed to be a cross gen launch title, but Sony didn’t want PS3 owners to wait any longer than they needed to and released it when it was ready with a remaster for their next console a year later. Wouldn’t be surprised if Sony does the same thing with TLOU2 and not make it a cross gen launch title as well.

Sgt_Slaughter134d ago

Sony did mention there will be a lot of games getting dual released on both PS4 and PS5 in the first few years, so I could see them releasing on PS4 then launching the PS5 with it or a few months after as well.

Gemmol134d ago

Sony did that because it was coming to the PS4 also. Majority of the sales from that game is bundle sales doubt it sold over 5 million without a bundle they basically gave that game away if you had a PS4 the first 3 years, every website also, Groupon had it for 10 dollars

RosweeSon134d ago

Good luck with that it’s more likely to be their Mario kart 😑

Sgt_Slaughter134d ago

If it's their Mario Kart then it would get excellent reviews and sell tons of copies

Segata134d ago

Is that supposed to be some sort of slight? MK8 has sold like 16 million on Switch alone. I think 343i would be over the moon with those kinds of numbers.

Zeegamereh134d ago

343 has yet to get those numbers but they were close with halo 4 (11 million) lol halo 3 still remains the most sold Halo with 15 million sold

Every Nintendo game on the switch sales so good happy for them

RosweeSon134d ago

Of course they would they’ll never get near Mario kart sales and no slight on my part I love Mario kart 8 prob why I bought it twice and even enjoyed it more on switch for some reason but just halo and Zelda even if halo going open world don’t strike me as remotely similar games sure I get they probably getting at more halo infinite needs to be a great success like Zelda BOTW Not just in sales but as a quality game but can’t see it myself sure it’ll be pretty good.. as good as stuff Nintendo pump out regularly over the last 30 years doubtful.

DefaultComment134d ago

Halo Infinite it's a great game to launch your new console...they are taking notes from Nintendo Switch in delivering a great launch title to start with the right foot like Breath of the Wild did,

Einhander1971134d ago

Halo isn’t the system seller Microsoft think it is.

Zeegamereh134d ago

Umm yea it is a system seller you don’t know Halo history if you think it’s not lol